Do’s and Don’ts – Tips for Divorcing Parents

June 5, 2015

Divorce is hard on children, but you can make it easier on them by following these rules: DON’T put your children in the middle by using them as messengers between you and your spouse. DON’T criticize or place blame on your former spouse in front of your children. DON’T let your children act as caretakers. […]

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Legal Custody vs. Residency – Knowing the Difference in Your Domestic Case

April 30, 2013

Whether you have a paternity case or a divorce case, it is important to understand the difference between legal custody and residency in any domestic matter. In Kansas, legal custody refers to the designation of parental responsibilities for a child. Parental responsibilities include decision making involving health, education, religious training, and general welfare of the […]

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Common Law Marriage

April 16, 2013

Common law marriage is one of those legal topics that is often discussed but seldom understood. In 2013, Kansas is one of very few states that still recognizes common law marriage. In Kansas, a couple is considered to have a common law marriage if: 1) The parties are over the age of 18 years; 2) […]

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Julia Craft Looks to Help Grow Joseph & Hollander’s Family Law Practice

September 28, 2012

When Julia Craft became a partner in what used to be Joseph & Hollander LLC, she essentially changed jobs without going anywhere. That’s because Craft had been leasing space since 2004 in Joseph & Hollander’s building at 500 N. Market. So when she decided to blend her independent practice with the firm and become its […]

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Julia Craft to Become Named Partner at Joseph & Hollander

September 13, 2012

About eight years ago, Julia Craft moved into the law offices of Joseph & Hollander as a tenant. This week, the former prosecutor and family law attorney is becoming a named partner of the firm. The 11-year-old firm, which has its main office at 500 N. Market, is changing its name to Joseph, Hollander & […]

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