They take care of you quickly and easily.

Stephen Joseph and the crew at Joseph Hollander & Craft do care about their clients, I have been a client now for over 10 years and anything legal that comes up... I simply call them and it gets taken care of.
Buba Wilson
Cares About Your Business Well Being.

Ross Hollander is a very thorough attorney and does not try to cut any corners when it comes to your businesses well being. We have done business with Ross now for over 15 years.
Brian Jones
Best Divorce Attorneys In Kansas.

After going through a very nasty divorce Julia not only helped me not be pushed around by my husband but she also helped me keep my sanity. Priceless law firm.
Mary A Harris
Best DUI defense attorneys in the state!
     Casey had a very challenging DUI case with me, and was able to get the charge knocked down to an exhibition of speed charge. I am so thankful I made the decision to call the firm.
Jason L.
Divorce representation was quick & painless.
     I was going through a very nasty divorce, and it seemed like after I hired divorce attorney Julia Craft all my problems went away. She was able to wrap up the divorce proceedings in a matter of a few months, and we are both happy in our new lives now.
Jennifer Harris
High quality criminal defense representation.
     Chris Joseph is ranked as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in the state of Kansas for a reason, he is very thorough and sees every minuet detail. When your life and well-being is on the line, you better trust someone that is proven one of the best in the Midwest!
Eric – Lawrence, KS
Quick & Painless Representation

I had gone to jail for street racing and right after it happened I called Bach. The next week we went down to the courthouse paid a $100 fine and got the issue knocked down to exhibition of speed.
David Harris