Empathetic and Caring Listener

Published: 17 February 2023

I wanted to write an exceptional review for Lindsey Erickson, but I’m not the best writer in the world. However, I do know how to google and found a great article about the qualities that make a great Lawyer.
5) Analytical Skills – Having the knack to analyze all viewpoints.
Lindsey looked at my case and rather than treat it as a standard case the way my previous lawyer had, found that there were unique circumstances and approaches to my case. She was able to successfully defend me based on these circumstances.
4) Responsiveness – Lawyers should respond to their clients.
Lindsey actively communicated with my family and friends to help create a successful defense.
3) Research and Investigation Skills
Lindsey obviously had done her research on what we faced when appearing before the Judge and Prosecutor. She was able to use this information to prepare arguments that appealed to these people.
2) Speaking Skills – Lawyers must be able to speak clearly and concisely.
Obviously, was able to communicate my case. Though discussions with the prosecutor were private, she presented my case in a well-prepared convincing manner.
1) Listening Skills – Lawyers must listen to their clients.
During our one-on-ones, it was obvious that she was listening to everything being said to formulate the information into a successful defense. Asked appropriate questions, made clarifying statements, and really understood my particular history and circumstances.
While Lindsey most assuredly possesses all these qualities and more, it is the last one that she exceled at with me. Lindsey is an extremely great empathetic and caring listener and helped me understand every aspect of the case.
As a medical professional and trainer, I could teach all the skills a person needed to do their jobs appropriately, but the one thing I couldn’t teach was empathy (or in my case bedside manner). Lindsey excels at all these qualities, and I liked and trusted her from the minute she walked into the room! It is because of her that I had a successful outcome and of course could not be happier. But even if I didn’t, I would still highly recommend her as she is a professional, prompt, honest and kind person!!!

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