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Lawrence Criminal Defense Lawyers Fighting for You

If you have criminal charges or are under investigation, you need a criminal defense attorney you can trust to mount a zealous defense. Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s top-rated Lawrence criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience defending clients in Kansas state and federal courts. We are tenacious advocates dedicated to delivering results—at trial, on appeal, and everywhere else.

Experience that Delivers Results

When you are facing criminal allegations, you need experience on your side. Our Lawrence criminal defense lawyers have a track record of success defending clients facing federal, state, and municipal criminal charges. We know what it takes to get results, and we deliver—with smart strategies and dogged defense. JHC’s Lawrence criminal defense attorneys are not just office lawyers. We thoroughly investigate the allegations behind the charges, often working with former detectives to investigate your case by personally interviewing key witnesses and examining critical evidence. We routinely collaborate with respected expert witnesses to provide an edge over the prosecution. And our creative, aggressive approach works to achieve unparalleled outcomes for our clients.

Although our Lawrence criminal defense lawyers frequently handle high-profile cases, we believe that no case is too small. We are committed advocates dedicated to doing what is best for every client we serve.

We Have Your Back, No Matter the Charge

JHC’s Lawrence, Kansas, criminal defense attorneys are well versed in all aspects of criminal law. We defend:

We serve clients in all three federal courthouses in the District of Kansas; district courts in Douglas County, Franklin County, Osage County, and Miami County; and area municipal courts as well.

Devoted Counselors and Advocates

The power that police and prosecutors wield can be intimidating and terrifying. We do not wince. But we also give you a candid assessment of your case and likely results. Information is power, which is why JHC’s Lawrence criminal defense attorneys are your advisors as well as your advocates. You need a clear and honest opinion about the evidence and your defense because these decisions can make a lifetime of difference. When a plea offer is on the table, rest assured we will counsel you regarding all your options, help you weigh the risks and benefits, and respect your decision about how to proceed.

When a case is resolved with a plea, we make sure that the judge knows you are much more than just the slice of time at issue. You are a person whose life involves good deeds, who have loved ones, and who has the potential for a bright future. We know from experience that helping the judge understand your life and circumstances can make the difference between prison and probation.

Top-Rated Lawrence Criminal Defense Team

JHC is committed to excellence in all that we do. Our criminal defense attorneys are known for their quality representation. This excellence is reflected in peer review ratings in Martindale Hubbell®, Best Lawyers in America®, and Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers®. It is also evidenced in our client reviews.

If you need a strong defense, call our criminal defense attorneys in Lawrence today.


When should I hire a Lawrence criminal defense attorney?

If you are asking that question, you should hire now. Do not give the police or prosecution any more time. Start building your defense right away. Even if you have not yet been charged, you should be advocating for no charges, seeking lesser charges, and preparing for what may be ahead.

After meeting with you and reviewing your case, JHC’s criminal defense attorneys will help you understand what the prosecution will have to prove at trial, identify possible defenses, and explain options for investigation and building a defense. You might be eligible for a diversion (deferred prosecution) instead of a conviction. Or you may have a defense that you have not considered, such as excluding or suppressing evidence based on an unreasonable or unconstitutional search or seizure.

Even if you do not have a good defense, a skilled lawyer will identify ways to limit your sentencing exposure. Negotiating the right plea agreement and advocating for a reasonable sentence can be just as difficult and important as fighting the allegations.

Is it possible to get charges dismissed without a jury trial?

Absolutely. While an outright dismissal is not possible in every case, JHC’s criminal defense lawyers have won cases by convincing judges to dismiss charges or exclude key evidence (resulting in a dismissal by the prosecution). While not common, it is also possible to convince the prosecution to agree to dismiss the case against you. There are dozens of defenses that could lead to dismissal. Call JHC’s criminal defense attorneys to find out if they may be applicable in your case.

Do I need to spend money on a good attorney if I am charged with a crime that is likely to result in a sentence of probation?

A criminal conviction can have lasting consequences regardless of the sentence imposed. A criminal conviction can make current and future employment difficult, especially if you work or hope to work in a field that is regulated or requires a license. There are possible restrictions on your ability to have a firearm, even with some misdemeanors. And some sex, drug, and violent offenses trigger offender registration that can be more devastating than the criminal sentence. Be sure that you understand all of the consequences of a conviction, not just whether you will go to prison or get probation. Call one of our criminal defense attorneys to learn more about the possible consequences of a conviction and how to defend your case.

I’ve been charged with a felony. Does that mean I’m going to prison?

Not necessarily. In Kansas, many felony convictions for individuals with little or no criminal history are “presumptive probation” offenses, meaning that a probation sentence is the most likely outcome.

Presumptive sentencing outcomes are visible on the sentencing grids available on the Kansas Sentencing Commission’s website. The presumptive sentence is set out in the box where a defendant’s criminal history category meets the severity level of his or her offense of conviction.

Some special rules do apply that make otherwise presumptive probation offenses presumptive imprisonment offenses. JHC’s experienced Kansas criminal defense attorneys can help you determine your sentencing exposure and help you determine how to best defend your case.

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