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Lawrence DUI Lawyers On Your Side

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) and operating under the influence (OUI) can land you in jail and result in fines and a suspended driver’s license. Joseph, Hollander & Craft has skilled Lawrence DUI lawyers who will help you build a defense. If you have been arrested for a DUI, call us today.

Depth of DUI Defense Experience

Our lawyers have successfully defended hundreds of felony and misdemeanor DUI cases in Lawrence Municipal Court, Douglas County District Court, and surrounding courthouses. Whether you live in Douglas County, are a KU student, or were just passing through town, you can trust JHC’s Lawrence DUI defense attorneys to guide you through your DUI or OUI case.

It is important to hire an attorney experienced with DUI defense. When you are looking for an attorney, ask about experience with suppression motions, challenges to unreasonable detentions and arrests, excluding breath and blood test results, and challenges to compelled field sobriety tests. Our Lawrence Kansas DUI lawyers look for these and other technical defenses that may be present in your case.

Former Prosecutors Turned DUI Trial Lawyers

Among our Lawrence DUI defense attorneys are former prosecutors with experience from the other side of DUI cases. They know the intricacies of DUI statutes and case law as well as the tactics DUI prosecutors will use against you. Always on your side, our Lawrence DUI lawyers will use their prosecution experience to put you in the best position to defend your case.

All of our Lawrence DUI defense attorneys are skilled trial advocates with decades of jury trial experience. We can leverage motions to exclude evidence against you and hire expert witnesses to challenge claims regarding your impairment or blood alcohol concentration (BAC). We know exactly how to cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses to expose the shortcomings of their investigations.

Smart Solutions for Every Situation

Our Lawrence DUI attorneys also defend all manner of alcohol-related offenses, including:

We also handle DUI, OUI, and related offenses involving drug use.

We love the courtroom, and we love to win. But we also understand that risk is inherent in all litigation. Our Lawrence DUI defense attorneys strive to guide you toward the best outcome for your specific case—whether or not it involves a trial. If your case is not right for trial, our Lawrence DUI lawyers will help you apply for diversion (deferred prosecution) or negotiate a plea agreement. We know what prosecutors consider when evaluating these trial alternatives and will advise you accordingly. Our paramount goal is helping you resolve your case on the best possible terms.

License Revocation

Our DUI clients are often just as concerned about the impact of losing their drivers’ licenses as they are about the possibility of jail. Our Lawrence DUI defense lawyers regularly represent clients in driver’s license revocation proceedings—aiming to help our clients keep their licenses or minimize the length of suspension. This requires knowing the law and the administrative hearing process, including appeals, and a skilled DUI defense attorney can be critical to getting favorable results.

Contact Our Experienced Lawrence DUI Lawyers For Help

If you have been arrested for a DUI or OUI, you only have 14 days to request a hearing to fight the suspension of your license. JHC’s Lawrence DUI attorneys can make the request for you and represent you at the hearing. But you must act fast.

If you need a top-tier DUI law firm in Lawrence, call us today.


What is the law on blood alcohol (BAC) and DUI?

A breath, blood, or urine test with a result of .08% or higher triggers a presumption of impairment—meaning the prosecution can rely on that measurement alone to try to convict you. While it is not common, you can still be charged with a DUI even if you have a BAC below.08%. The prosecution only has to prove that you were impaired (from alcohol or drugs) to an extent that made you incapable of driving safely. Police gather evidence of that impairment from field sobriety tests and general observations of a driver’s behavior during a car stop.

Will a DUI or OUI conviction affect my license?

If you are pulled over for drunk driving, the officer may take your driver’s license and give you a notice of suspension that functions as a temporary license. In Kansas, you have 14 days to request a hearing to challenge the suspension of your license. You should promptly request an in-person hearing, or you will lose your driving privileges. A conviction for DUI can also trigger a suspension in Kansas. You need to win your challenge to the proposed administrative suspension of your license and avoid a conviction in criminal court (or get a diversion) to keep your license without suspension or restriction.

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