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Lawrence Sex Crime Lawyers Ready to Prepare Your Defense

Even if an accusation is false, being accused of a sex crime can be devastating. Beyond reputational harm, criminal charges bring significant penalties. Our clients are often shocked to learn that a prosecutor will proceed on a “he said, she said” allegation without any physical evidence to prove the claims. But they often do. Without a robust investigation and defense, juries can convict and judges may impose long prison sentences based on nothing more than one person’s testimony. That is why it is critical to hire a top-rated attorney if you are accused of a sex crime. You need an attorney with significant experience—one who regularly wins similar cases at trial. With our track record of obtaining favorable results for our clients, you want Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Lawrence sex crime defense lawyers on your side.

Pre-Charge Representation Following Lawrence Sex Crime Accusations

If you learn that you have been accused of a sex crime, call an attorney immediately. Do not speak with the police. Detectives do not interview suspects to help them clear their names. They interview suspects to get statements to use in court. By the time they talk to the accused, police generally have decided the accused is guilty and do not perceive denials to be genuine. The only person you should talk to about the allegations is your attorney.

JHC’s Lawrence sex crime defense attorneys frequently represent clients at this pre-charge stage. We can act as your representative with police so their requests for statements or other information are directed to us instead of you. We will offer counsel about what might be done to avoid charges. And we will start building your defense right away.

Preparing Your Sex Crime Defense

Our Lawrence, Kansas, sex-crimes attorneys are committed to protecting your rights, your reputation, and your freedom. Our experienced sex crime defense attorneys are able to identify countless ways to defend a case. When we build your defense, we are dedicated to uncovering all the exculpatory evidence necessary to clear your name.

We collaborate with defense investigators to ensure that no evidence supporting your case is overlooked. We then use the evidence at trial or, in some cases, provide it to prosecutors in an attempt to avoid charges or get a dismissal. We engage expert witnesses to evaluate the evidence and testify on your behalf. We know who to consult for opinions on DNA evidence and sexual assault examinations. Our Lawrence sex crime defense lawyers have also successfully used polygraph examinations and false confession experts to obtain dismissals.

We Regularly Defend Sex Crime Charges

Our Lawrence, Kansas, criminal defense lawyers regularly represent clients who have been accused of or charged with sexual offenses, including:

Our Lawrence, Kansas, sex crime attorneys have extensive experience defending all types of sex crimes, including charges that do not involve physical contact. We defend against charges of indecent solicitation, electronic solicitation, and sexual exploitation of a minor. We also defend clients charged with the possession, receipt, distribution, and production of child pornography.

You Can Trust Our Lawrence Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

Our Lawrence sex crime defense lawyers have the experience and skill you need when you are facing criminal charges of the most severe nature. We have successfully defended sex crime cases in Kansas state and federal court for decades. We will aggressively defend you—on the facts and the law—and stand between you and a wrongful conviction.

Our team of sex crime attorneys includes multiple former prosecutors, including one who specialized in prosecuting child abuse and sex crimes cases. This unique insight helps us offer superior defense for the wrongfully charged, negotiate reasonable resolutions, and obtain just sentences for those convicted of sex offenses.

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What is the age for sexual consent in Kansas?

The age of consent in Kansas is 16 years old. But, while a 16-year-old can consent to engage in sexual activity, it is a felony to possess a sexual image of the same person because child pornography laws apply to images of individuals younger than 18. Also, some special relationships (e.g., teacher, foster parent) can result in otherwise consensual sexual activity being a felony. Of course, a claim that there was no consent makes any sexual contact a crime.

Is consent a defense to sex-crime charges?

Consent is the starting point – there must be consent or any contact is a crime.  Whether there was consent turns on the circumstances. Someone who is impaired (generally from drugs or alcohol) can appear to give consent, but that consent is not effective. For consent to be a defense, the person must be old enough to consent, give valid consent, and not be in a relationship that is prohibited because of the imbalance of power (e.g., sexual activity between teachers and students or police and someone in custody).

Do I have an entrapment defense if a police officer was pretending to be a child online?

Electronic solicitation charges do not require solicitation of an actual child. The crime can be premised on the defendant believing that he or she is communicating with a child. Entrapment happens when law enforcement officers induce someone to commit crime. Courts have largely rejected entrapment as a pretrial defense. But, even if entrapment is not a basis for pretrial dismissal, it can be an argument for a jury and good material for cross examination.  It is a fact-specific question whether police crossed the line into entrapment.

Police want to question me about rape. Should I talk? I want to explain the situation so I can clear my name.

Many people believe they can avoid charges simply by talking to police and giving their side of the story. This rarely works, and it is extremely risky—even if you are innocent.

It is common for people to think that refusing to answer questions makes them look guilty. A police officer might even suggest as much. But there is nothing wrong with asserting your right to counsel.

JHC’s sex crime defense attorneys can interact with law enforcement for you; advise you regarding whether to talk, when to talk, and to whom you should speak; and counsel you regarding how best to defend your case.

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