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Injured By A Defective Product? Contact Our Trusted Defective Product Lawyers

Any time you purchase an appliance, power tool, electronic device, firearm, motor vehicle, or other types of product, you do so with the expectation that the product will work as it was intended to and will not pose a danger to you and your loved ones. However, sometimes products do not work like they should—and end up causing serious injury to the consumer as a result. A person who is injured by a faulty or unsafe product may be able to seek damages from those responsible for the defect. When you hire Joseph, Hollander & Craft, our Lawrence, Kansas, personal injury lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation to gather the evidence necessary to build a strong legal claim. If you have been injured by a defective product, you should speak with the knowledgeable Lawrence defective product lawyers at JHC.

Examples of Defective Products

The following is a list of the most common products that are seen in product liability claims:

Proving a Lawrence Product Liability Claim

Meeting the burden of proof in a successful product liability case is a demanding challenge. The Lawrence defective product lawyers working on your product liability case will have several elements to prove in order to demonstrate your entitlement to financial compensation. If you have been injured by a defective product and are pursuing a claim for damages with the help of a lawyer, here are some important ways you can help provide proof to support your case.

  1. Proof that you have damages.While this sounds simple, you must be able to show that you suffered damages. This includes proof of the injury and proof of financial loss. Records pertaining to medical treatment for your injuries is vital. Without documents to substantiate that you were injured, your case may be compromised from the get go. Additionally, if you missed work for your injury or lost out on a business opportunity, you should have clear documentation of these financial losses.
  2. Proof of the defect. While your attorney will be paying specific attention to this aspect of the case, a detailed written description of your experience with the product can be useful. This can include information regarding what you expected to happen when you used the product versus what actually occurred. Include photographs, if possible. Your written statement can also affirm that you followed the instructions, took all the correct precautions, and paid attention to what you were doing.
  3. Proof that the product defect caused your injury. In order for a product liability case to be successful, it must be proven that there was a direct link between your injury and the defective product.

Contact Our Lawrence Defective Product Lawyers

JHC’s Lawrence, Kansas, personal injury attorneys are well-versed on product liability law. We can talk you through the elements of a claim and help you pursue legal action against the company that designed, manufactured, or marketed the dangerous product that harmed you. Contact one of our Lawrence product defect liability lawyers today.


What kinds of compensation can be sought in a defective product liability claim?

A very important aspect of assessing a potential products liability claim is determining the different types and values of damages that you have suffered by the claimant. The term “damages” refers to a sum of money paid to the plaintiff in a lawsuit to compensate for injuries and losses. It can also refer to an amount assessed against the defendant or defendants for their wrongdoing.

These damages are separated into two categories: compensatory damages and punitive damages. Compensatory damages are assessed to return the injured party to the condition in which he or she existed before the injury occurred by attaching a dollar value to each of the items of harm caused by the defective product. These damages include economic losses, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and lost ability to earn future income. They also include non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering.

In many cases, only compensatory damages are awarded. In some cases, however, a judge or jury may find that a defendant acted in a particularly bad manner and may find punitive damages to be warranted. Punitive damages are intended to punish the bad conduct of a defendant and to deter others from acting similarly.

The product liability attorneys at JHC can help you determine what damages are available in your case. Contact us today for your free consultation.

How much time do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit in Kansas?

The statute of limitations can depend on where the injury occurred, what kind of claim you are bringing, and what kind of party you are bringing the claims against. It is essential that you consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to determine if you still have time for a claim. Contact JHC’s Lawrence defective product lawyers today.

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