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Our Lawrence Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Here for You

From Lawrence, Kansas, Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s federal criminal defense attorneys travel to Kansas City and Topeka to defend individuals facing federal charges. We regularly defend clients throughout the District of Kansas, so we don’t just know the law; we know the prosecutors and judges, too. Among JHC’s Lawrence federal criminal defense lawyers are a former federal law clerk and a former federal prosecutor, both of whom provide valuable insight and perspective to guide our defense tactics. With decades of experience successfully defending clients charged with federal crimes, our Lawrence federal criminal defense lawyers are the right choice for your case.

Superior Defense for All Sorts of Federal Charges

JHC’s federal criminal defense attorneys in Lawrence, Kansas, defend clients against all manner of federal charges. Call us if you are facing:

We even have experience with environmental offenses and wildlife violations. After years of defending a broad range of charges in all three federal courthouses in the District of Kansas, JHC’s Lawrence federal criminal defense lawyers have a track record of success. You can trust us to tackle any federal case with zealous commitment to doing right by you.

On Your Side in Kansas Federal Court

If you are charged with a federal crime, JHC’s Lawrence federal criminal defense lawyers will ensure that you get the best possible representation. Federal criminal work is truly unique and requires regularly working with federal criminal law, procedure, and sentencing rules. Our Lawrence, Kansas, federal crime defense attorneys know all the tricks of the trade.

Federal law enforcement and prosecutors have more time and resources than their state counterparts, so you should look for a defense team with similar resources to handle these complex, and often document-intensive, cases. JHC’s Lawrence federal criminal defense attorneys have the technology and resources necessary to defend your case all the way through trial—and appeal, if necessary.

We know the people involved, too. Because we regularly defend clients facing federal charges, we know what to expect from and how to work with the federal prosecutors in Topeka and Kansas City. We are familiar with the judges’ prior rulings in similar cases, as well as how they approach various evidentiary disputes and sentencing issues.

Federal Pre-Charge Representation

Federal law enforcement officers undertake large investigations that last periods of months and sometimes years. Toward the culmination of their work, you may learn that you are a target of a criminal investigation. That’s when it is time to call an attorney. Signs that you are being investigated for criminal activity include:

Sometimes, federal officials issue a target letter telling you that you are the target of a federal criminal investigation. Target letters only issue after it has been determined that the federal government has substantial evidence that a person has committed a crime. The target letter often warns the recipient against destroying evidence. It usually encourages the recipient to contact the prosecutor or investigating agent. To protect your interests and your Fifth Amendment rights, you should only contact a prosecutor or agent through counsel.

Perhaps the most invasive investigative tool at federal agents’ disposal is a search warrant. Officers may execute a warrant at your home or office, accuse you of a crime, collect items such as electronics, then leave without arresting you or anyone else. That does not mean an arrest is not coming; it usually means it just has not happened yet. You should contact JHC’s experienced federal defense lawyers in Lawrence, Kansas, so you can start planning your defense.

It is crucial that you have a qualified federal criminal defense attorney interact with prosecutors, investigators, and other agents on your behalf. When you hire us for pre-charge representation, JHC’s Lawrence federal criminal defense attorneys can prevent you from being called to testify before a grand jury, protect your constitutional rights, make pre-charge arrangements, and begin developing your defense plan.

Top-Tier Federal Defense

If you are being investigated for or have been charged with a federal crime, we know you are looking to hire the best federal criminal defense law firm available. Your choice of attorney may prove critical to the outcome of your case.

JHC’s federal criminal defense attorneys have a reputation for excellence. It is reflected in our client reviews as well as our peer review ratings in Martindale Hubbell®, Best Lawyers in America®, and Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers®. We have defended clients in the federal courthouses in Wichita, Topeka, and Kansas City for years, and we use that experience to benefit each and every federal client we serve.

Your premier federal criminal defense law firm in Lawrence, Kansas, JHC is ready to get to work for you. Call us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Federal Charges

How is a federal criminal case different from a state criminal case?

Federal crimes are found in an entirely different set of laws than state crimes. Passed by Congress, federal criminal laws can only be prosecuted where there is a link to interstate commerce. But courts have found that even minor connections suffice. Because of this, federal and state laws often overlap and prohibit the same conduct. But federal prosecutions are usually reserved for more severe offense conduct and trigger steeper penalties.

Federal funding for investigating and prosecuting criminal cases far outstrips state funding. Federal law enforcement agencies—such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (ATF)—have more resources and better technology than local police.

Pretrial release, discovery, and subpoenas are quite different. Posting a financial bond is relatively rare in federal court, whereas it is required in almost every state court case.  Production and access to discovery is significantly different. Federal sentences are governed by a complex set of guidelines, promulgated in part by the United States Sentencing Commission. Many federal criminal statutes contain minimum statutory punishments.

It is crucial that you have an attorney who understands the difference between federal and state criminal defense practice and how it may impact your case.

What are the United States Sentencing Guidelines?

The United States Sentencing Guidelines (USSG) are a set of complex rules that determine the presumptive sentence to be given to defendants who have been convicted of a federal offense. The guidelines recommend a sentence based on specific factors, known as specific offense characteristics. Conduct beyond the offense of conviction, called relevant conduct, can be used to increase a defendant’s punishment. There are also enhancements for a client’s role in the offense. These guidelines will determine the presumptive sentence that a defendant will receive upon a conviction of the charged offense.

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