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Lawrence White-Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers Ready for Your Defense

A white-collar criminal conviction can devastate your business and your professional career. It can also result in large judgments for restitution, forfeiture and fines, as well as imprisonment. When you are facing criminal accusations or charges, you need an attorney with the experience, smarts, and skill to protect your interests and defend your reputation. Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Lawrence white-collar crime defense lawyers are ready to help.

State and Federal White-Collar Criminal Defense

JHC’s white-collar criminal defense attorneys in Lawrence, Kansas, regularly defend individuals facing white-collar criminal investigations and prosecutions at the state and federal level.

In Kansas state courts, we defend cases involving:

In federal courts throughout the District of Kansas, we defend cases involving:

This is just to name a few. There’s no white-collar criminal offense our Lawrence white-collar criminal defense attorneys can’t handle.

Experienced Lawrence White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Lawrence white-collar crime defense lawyers in JHC’s Lawrence, Kansas, office have the veteran experience, honed judgment, and solution-oriented mindset to guide you through the challenges of federal or state court criminal charges. We have experience helping clients facing simultaneous civil and criminal actions, and we can also provide guidance to help you prevent a civil or regulatory action from turning into a criminal prosecution.

Our clients span many industries. We have helped politicians, physicians, entrepreneurs, and finance professionals. We have successfully defended numerous financial crimes, such as embezzlement, corruption, and fraud (including Medicare fraud, tax fraud, and wire fraud).

Our Lawrence, Kansas, white-collar defense attorneys are known for using extensive independent investigation and strategic advocacy in order to get favorable outcomes for white-collar criminal defendants. We understand the unique aspects of white-collar criminal investigations and defense and are skilled at identifying the right tactics for each individual case.

Lawrence White-Collar Criminal Investigations

JHC’s Lawrence white-collar crime defense lawyers also assist individuals and businesses facing government investigations. Whether it is clear that a criminal investigation is underway or you are concerned a civil investigation may result in criminal charges, we are at the ready.

White-collar investigations can last for years and may be preceded by a civil regulatory investigation or action. Civil agencies often share their findings with criminal investigators. An agency referral can also trigger a criminal investigation. It is important to have knowledgeable counsel by your side to ensure that your rights are asserted and any exposure to criminal penalties is managed and mitigated.

Avoid the common mistake of thinking that civil compliance issues will remain in the hands of civil authorities. For the best defense against criminal prosecutions and penalties, you should seek qualified white-collar legal counsel as soon as possible. JHC has a team of Lawrence white-collar crime defense lawyers who work with civil litigators to protect business owners, corporate officers, or any others from criminal allegations that could arise from regulatory proceedings and investigations.

Call JHC’s Lawrence, Kansas, white-collar criminal defense attorneys today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawrence White-Collar Crimes

What is mail fraud? What is wire fraud?

Federal criminal fraud cases are often charged as mail or wire fraud. The reason is jurisdictional – federal courts only have jurisdiction when there is an interstate nexus. Courts have held that fraud involving the mail or wires (internet, phones) has a sufficient connection to interstate commerce to trigger federal jurisdiction. But the crime at issue is fraud – misrepresentations or material omissions of fact.

Is an administrative warrant the same as a criminal warrant?

An administrative warrant is an order from a judge requiring information pertaining to violations of administrative rules or regulations to be produced to the regulating agency. The function is similar to a criminal warrant, but it is not the same. An administrative warrant requires a lower standard of proof than a criminal warrant.

What is a grand jury?

A grand jury is supposed to be an investigative body—a group of individuals tasked to collect information about suspected criminal activity and decide whether to indict the suspected criminal. Grand juries hear testimony from witnesses and review documents and other tangible evidence. The grand jury can issue subpoenas to collect this information and evidence.

The prosecutor’s role before a grand jury is to act as a legal advisor. However, as grand juries are composed of laymen, prosecutors have significant influence and control over the evidence presented for the grand jury’s consideration.

The proceedings before a grand jury are held in private and usually kept private even after charges are filed.

If you have received a federal grand jury subpoena or been indicted by a federal grand jury, you need qualified criminal defense counsel on your side. Call JHC’s federal criminal defense attorneys today.

What is criminal forfeiture?

Criminal forfeiture laws allow property used to commit a crime or that was purchased with criminal proceeds to be seized and forfeited to the government so that the perpetrators of crimes do not get to keep the financial benefits of their criminal activities.

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