Kansas DUI Defense
A conviction for DUI (driving under the influence) can result in mandatory jail time, high fines, suspension of your driver’s license, and more. If you have been stopped for a DUI or a related crime, you need a skilled defense attorney familiar with the intricacies of the DUI statutes and experienced in challenging these charges.

The lawyers that comprise Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s DUI defense team have defended thousands of DUI cases with favorable success rates. Our team includes multiple former prosecutors with experience from the other side of the action. With offices in Wichita, Topeka, Lawrence, and Overland Park, we happily represent individuals in state and municipal courts all along I-35 and I-70—from the Oklahoma border to the greater Kansas City area.

Our DUI defense attorneys are trial attorneys. They know how to challenge the case against you and how to put evidence on in your defense. But they won’t wait until trial to begin your defense. When there are problems with the initial car stop, field sobriety tests, the arrest, or the results of any test measuring blood alcohol concentration, our attorneys attack the resulting evidence and the propriety of the charges at the earliest possible opportunity.

We know there are risks associated with litigation and a certain outcome may be the best one. Even if you decide you do not want to take your case to trial, it is important to have an experienced DUI attorney negotiate the best possible plea deal. Our attorneys know the information the prosecution will consider when evaluating a plea agreement and can help put you in a prime position to receive a more favorable sentence.

Our DUI defense team handles felony and misdemeanor DUIs, as well as license revocation proceedings. We know the impact of these actions can extend beyond your freedom, finances, and driving privileges and affect your family and career. We are committed to helping our clients manage their cases to achieve the best possible outcome under the circumstances. If you have been stopped for a DUI or related crime in Kansas, call us today.

Our Kansas DUI Defense Attorneys Located in Wichita, Lawrence, Overland Park, Topeka & Kansas City

Mr. Meek’s practice is focused on the defense of individuals accused of crimes, with an emphasis on DUI and traffic crimes. Mr. Meek is a member of the Kansas Bar Association, the Douglas County Bar Association, and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
Ms. Scherff represents individuals in all types of criminal cases, including first degree murder, bank robbery, drug distribution, mortgage fraud, aggravated kidnapping, rape, aggravated indecent liberties, aggravated battery, stalking, electronic solicitation, DUI and juvenile matters.
Mr. Hoeme represents persons charged with any crime in the municipal, state, or federal courts of Kansas. Mr. Hoeme’s practice is concentrated on representing persons charged with serious traffic offenses, driving under the influence, drug crimes and other crimes against persons.
Ms. Erickson’s diverse practice includes all levels of adult felonies and misdemeanors, including drug manufacturing, sale, and possession; sex offenses; violent crimes; domestic violence; property crimes; all levels of juvenile crime; DUIs and other traffic offenses.

Our web site provides information about Kansas DUI laws, including the possible suspension of your driver’s license. It includes tips for responding to police questions and demands during a DUI car stop, including your option to refuse or take a breath test and field sobriety tests. There is also information about diversion, expungement, and house arrest. The information is not case-specific. It is intended to help you understand Kansas DUI laws and recognize defenses and other issues to discuss with your local DUI attorney. Our attorneys represent individuals charged with crimes from the Oklahoma border to the Kansas City area. Please feel free to contact any of our highly qualified DUI attorneys in Wichita, Topeka, Lawrence, and Overland Park.

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  • Gloria Longfellow

    I hit a DUI checkpoint in Wichita after having only 1 cocktail at a girls night out. I pulled up and the officer asked me to roll my window down. I did and he stuck his head in asking if I had been drinking tonight, where was I coming from and where was I going. I felt like I was in Nazi Germany. I said that I had just went out to eat with a couple girlfriends and was heading home. He said he smelled alcohol on me and asked me to pull over to a parking lot where they were processing suspects. I then stepped out of the car and did all the field sobriety test and felt like I passed them all with flying colors. At the end of all the tests the officers said they where placing me under arrest for driving under the influence after I refused to blow into his breathalyzer after I passed all the field tests. It was a total nightmare and now I am scared of the police because I have seen first hand how horrible they can be when they need to hit their quota for the month. My charges where eventually dropped after a long battle and video footage and the help of caring DUI attorneys. The best attorneys are worth every penny when dealing with the court system.

  • Laura

    These guys are the best you can get in a driving under the influence case in Wichita or Topeka. I know several people that have gone through this firm and had great results every time. I am not sure how they do it but they do.

  • Ben Washington

    Unfortunately I was busted at a DUI checkpoint outside of Topeka, I only had like 3 beers but was told after the test they do on you outside… like walk the line, touch your nose etc etc. that I was under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence. I then said I would blow in the breathalyzer after first saying no to that option and blew under the legal limit by a little bit. How did they have the right to arrest me for failing the physical tests but when I blew under the legal limit they did not care and arrested me and impounded my car anyways?!

    • Brenda

      Was that the DUI stop just outside of the Kansas turnpike in Topeka? If so, I went through that same checkpoint with my husband. We had to wait in traffic for almost 45min just for them to ask us to roll down our window and had we been drinking. Amazing that the police can treat drivers like Nazi’s pulling you over and questioning you with no reason. I have heard that the DUI stops are suppose to have alternate routes so that you have the “option” to go through the checkpoint or not but this one there was only one way to go unless you jumped a curb. So shady of the Topeka police department if you ask me.

  • Lawrence Client

    Being from the Lawrence Ks area and the amount of DUI’s handed out in these parts, I had to utilize the firms dui defense attorney Casey and could not be happier with the outcome that he was able to put together for me. These guys are top notch above the rest of the lawyers in the area of Lawrence.

    • B. Harris

      I feel your pain about Lawrence DUI checkpoints, it is because of the kids at KU and the fact that the police can make a ton of money for the city on all the drunk driving criminal charges they hand out on a daily basis.

  • Tyrell C. Noren

    I was pulled over in Overland Park and charged with driving under the influence. In the police report it says reason for being pulled over was that I had a tag light out. This was not true my car tag light was fine. I refused the breathalyzer test and field sobriety testing. Can I go to court and claim that pulling me over in the first place was UN-warranted? Or does it even matter after you have been charged?

    • Please feel free to contact one of our attorneys in our Kansas City office to go over your options.