Kansas Criminal Defense Attorneys
Perhaps the most critical decision you make when charged with a crime is who to hire as your criminal defense attorney. You need a lawyer who you can trust to aggressively defend the charges and evaluate all defenses. You also need someone who will candidly tell you if you should take a plea offer. If you end up at a sentencing, you need an attorney who does much more than go through the motions; you need lawyers who will put on evidence, obtain evaluations, and fight for the judge’s sympathy. A good defense attorney can be the difference between prison and a not guilty verdict or probation.

The Joseph Hollander & Craft criminal defense attorneys in Wichita, Kansas City, Overland Park, Topeka and Lawrence KS aggressively defend cases in federal, state and municipal courts. We have experience defending a wide array of cases, including violent crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes, and fraud. Our attorneys regularly handle high-profile cases covered by the press. But no case is too small. We bring the same aggressive approach to misdemeanor charges. The same attorney who handles a multi-week federal fraud trial can be found defending a misdemeanor municipal trial the next week. We like to win, no matter the venue.

We are well regarded by judges and other attorneys, as reflected in peer review ratings in the Martindale Hubbell® Bar Register of Pre Eminent Lawyers, U.S. News & World Report’s Best Law Firms, Chambers USA’s The World’s Leading Lawyers, Best Lawyers in America, and Thomson Reuters’ Super Lawyers® just to name a few.

Our Kansas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Mr. Joseph’s practice is concentrated in the defense of persons charged with crimes in federal and state courts, including murder, arson, mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, income tax evasion, controlled substance, computer crimes, medical and insurance fraud, and government procurement fraud.

Christopher M. Joseph

Topeka, Lawrence Kansas City & Overland Park Criminal Defense Attorney
Mr. Joseph represents individuals and businesses in complex civil litigation and during the investigation and prosecution of criminal charges. Mr. Joseph is a member of the Kansas, Topeka, and Douglas County Bar Associations and has earned Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory’s highest “AV” rating for lawyers.

Lindsey P. Erickson

Overland Park, Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorney
Ms. Erickson’s diverse practice includes all levels of adult felonies and misdemeanors, including drug manufacturing, sale, and possession; sex offenses; violent crimes; domestic violence; property crimes; all levels of juvenile crime; DUIs and other traffic offenses.

Jess W. Hoeme

Wichita Criminal Defense Attorney
Mr. Hoeme represents persons charged with any crime in the municipal, state, or federal courts of Kansas. Mr. Hoeme’s practice is concentrated on representing persons charged with serious traffic offenses, driving under the influence, drug crimes and other crimes against persons.

Bach T. Hang

Wichita Criminal Defense Attorney
Mr. Hang’s criminal defense practice is concentrated on representing persons charged with driving under the influence. Mr. Hang is admitted to practice before the Kansas Supreme Court, all other Kansas courts, and the United States District Court for the District of Kansas and is fluent in Cantonese.

Dionne M. Scherff

Overland Park, Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorney
Ms. Scherff has extensive experience litigating felony jury trials in both federal and state courts. She is one of only a handful of Kansas lawyers qualified by Kansas to handle death penalty cases, and is one of only two lawyers in Kansas’ history of death penalty cases to get a capital case dismissed.

Casey Y. Meek

Lawrence Criminal Defense Attorney
Mr. Meek’s practice is focused on the defense of individuals accused of crimes, with an emphasis on DUI and traffic crimes. Mr. Meek is a member of the Kansas Bar Association, the Douglas County Bar Association, and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
Ms. Parker’s practice is concentrated in criminal defense and civil litigation. Ms. Parker is admitted to practice before the Kansas Supreme Court, all other Kansas courts, and the United States District Court for the District of Kansas.Ms. Parker is a member of the Kansas, Topeka, and Douglas County Bar Associations.
Family law dominates Ms. Savage’s practice, including divorce, property settlement agreements, premarital agreements, paternity actions, and maintenance, with a focus on child custody matters, parenting time, and child support. Ms. Savage also has extensive experience as criminal defense attorney consisting of complex federal and state cases.
Mr. McPherson’s family law practice includes divorce, child custody, child support, parenting time, spousal maintenance, premarital agreements, separation agreements, child in need of care, and juvenile offenders. His criminal law practice consists of defense of persons charged with crimes in state and municipal courts.

Nicholas J. Means

Wichita Criminal Defense Attorney
Mr. Means practice is concentrated in representing individuals charged with DUI. After graduating from law school, Mr. Means was a public defender for the City of Wichita municipal court. Mr. Means then went into private practice, practicing criminal law, domestic law, and bankruptcy law. Mr. Means has also served as a prosecutor for some of Wichita’s surrounding areas.

Criminal Defense Process

Representation during an investigation
The moment you recognize that you are the target of a criminal investigation, you need an attorney. Representation during an investigation is critical. Invoking your right to counsel prevents police from using your words against you. The FBI, for example, has a policy that prohibits recording interviews. The only report of what you say to the FBI will be a report made by an agent whose goal may be to convict you of a federal crime.

Defense counsel can try to persuade prosecutors not to file charges. We can ask for notification when charges are filed to avoid police executing an arrest warrant at your home or work. We can arrange for bail and walk you through the process.

Court proceedings before trial
There are a great deal of opportunities to win a case before a jury trial. None should be passed by. Evidence can be suppressed because it was obtained in violation of your rights. There may have been errors in the way the evidence was processed or stored. Prosecution experts can and should be challenged. Motions should be filed that attack the way the prosecution intends to present its case to a jury. Your attorney should have a strong command of the rules of evidence and be ready to challenge the admission of evidence. Cases have been won by defense attorneys being prepared for such an opportunity.

Plea offers
Virtually everyone faces a decision of whether to go to trial or accept a plea offer. This can be a difficult and gut-wrenching decision. You need an attorney who will give you candid advice about your chances of winning at a jury trial. At this critical point, you do not want your attorney thinking about how the decision impacts his pocket book. That very problem is created when an attorney charges a flat-fee in a major criminal case. We will not do that. Instead, we charge hourly for work actually performed. With us, you will never wonder if your attorney is thinking about money when telling you that you should take a plea instead of going to trial.

No matter what case you take to trial, you want a well-respected trial attorney who has won major criminal jury trials. There are plenty of attorneys who have taken a large number of cases to jury trial. That does not tell you much. How many have they won? Did they just go through the motions or was there a serious defense mounted?

Perhaps the only way to evaluate a trial attorney’s courtroom skill is to look at what judges and other attorneys think of their ability. Various entities exist that provide such peer review ratings. Please feel free to research our ratings.

If your case concludes with a plea agreement or guilty verdict, you must proceed to sentencing. The vast majority of sentencing hearings are less than 30 minutes and entail attorneys and judges simply going through the motions. The only time that you will find our attorneys participating in such a hearing is when there is an agreement in advance of sentencing that gets us the result we want. A contested sentencing hearing should include evidence. The judge should be provided with a sentencing memorandum, letters, and expert reports. Testimony by witnesses is often appropriate. A good attorney considers a sentencing hearing as important as a jury trial.

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