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At Joseph, Hollander & Craft, we help professionals with all manner of issues related to their licenses and regulatory boards. We know your career has required years of time, effort, and study, and we want to help you protect your investment. When a licensing or disciplinary issue compromises your livelihood, JHC’s Topeka professional licensure defense lawyers are on your side. Over the years, we have assisted countless professionals by defending their licenses with various Kansas regulatory boards. We know the regulatory schemes, the administrative procedures, and the people involved in the process. When your professional license is at stake, JHC’s professional licensing lawyers deliver the experience and skill you need.

Topeka Professional Licensure Defense Lawyers Ready To Help You

JHC’s professional licensing lawyers counsel and defend Topeka professionals working the in following industries:

We help these and other professionals respond to and defend against allegations regarding:

And that is just to name a few. With decades of experience defending Kansas professionals, our Topeka professional licensure defense attorneys can handle anything.

Counselors, Advisors, and Advocates for Topeka Professionals

JHC’s Topeka professional licensing attorneys advise and defend regarding the gamut of licensing issues. We help with applications for licensure, manage regulatory investigations, and defend professionals during formal disciplinary proceedings. We negotiate favorable settlements and appeal adverse administrative rulings. If you are facing an issue with professional licensing in Topeka, call our Topeka professional licensing lawyers today.

We help professionals applying for licenses and appealing license denials. Navigating professional licensing application requirements and forms can be overwhelming—whether you are applying for the first time or renewing an existing license. Regulatory rules are not always clear, and some agencies require compliance with long-term policies that remain unwritten. You may be uncertain whether you meet all licensing requirements or unsure how some information bears on your application. With years of experience dealing with Kansas licensing authorities, JHC’s Topeka professional licensure defense lawyers can help you to understand your board’s application requirements, what information from your past may be cause for concern, and how to demonstrate that you are not only eligible, but suitable, for Kansas licensure. If your application or renewal submission has been denied, JHC’s Topeka professional licensing lawyers can advise you regarding your appeal options, help you appeal, or help you get it right the next time around.

We defend professionals during administrative and disciplinary investigations. JHC’s licensure defense attorneys advise and defend professionals during each step of the disciplinary process, including the initial investigation. We have managed regulatory and disciplinary investigations for numerous professionals governed by various Kansas boards, so we know exactly how to protect your interests while facilitating your cooperation. We will do everything in our power to ensure the investigation process is fair and just. We will advise you regarding how you can provide context that works in your favor. And we will work for the dismissal of unsubstantiated claims at the earliest possible juncture.

We help professionals resolve their administrative and disciplinary matters. In the event a complaint has merit or extended litigation would impair ongoing business concerns, JHC’s Topeka professional licensure defense attorneys can help you explore the possibility of a reasonable settlement. We always aim to negotiate terms that work for you, your practice, and your business while balancing your desire for a prompt resolution. We counsel our clients thoroughly to ensure they understand and appreciate each option’s risks and benefits—both legally and practically.

We represent professionals in formal administrative and disciplinary proceedings. When a formal disciplinary action is filed against you or your business, you need a licensing lawyer with extensive experience handling these types of cases. While the paperwork and proceedings may look similar to general civil litigation at first blush, administrative proceedings are truly unique. Specific procedures and standards apply that are much different from civil proceedings, making the administrative hearing process challenging for inexperienced attorneys to navigate. The regulatory board will present evidence (documents, witness testimony, etc.) to support a finding of misconduct, non-compliance, or deviations from the standard of care. Disciplinary options include, but are not limited to, remedial training, public censure, suspension or revocation of your license. JHC’s Topeka professional licensure advocates regularly handle these matters, and we do it with ease. We know how to challenge adverse evidence and how to build your case. With our track record of success, you can trust us to handle any disciplinary issue you are facing.

We appeal from adverse agency actions. If an adverse ruling is entered and action is taken against your license, an appeal may be in your best interest. JHC’s Topeka professional license defense lawyers have ample appeal experience and know how to defend your license at this next level.

If you need a professional licensure lawyer in Topeka, look no further. JHC’s experienced licensure defense attorneys can guide you through any licensing or disciplinary matter you face.

Topeka Liquor License Lawyers

JHC’s licensure lawyers also assist individuals and businesses in need of counsel and representation for liquor licensing issues. In Kansas, the production, dissemination, and sale of alcohol is regulated by the Kansas Department of Revenue’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (ABC). Any business that depends on alcoholic beverage sales needs an ABC license and must comply with myriad laws and regulations.

JHC’s Topeka liquor license lawyers help first-time liquor license applicants as well as clients who need to transfer, modify, or renew an existing liquor license. We help our clients understand the laws and regulations applicable at the state and local level.

Our Topeka licensing attorneys also represent clients facing ABC administrative proceedings. We defend against any unfounded claims, determine whether identified issues can be rectified without substantial impairment to your license, and advocate for fair and just outcomes.


I am an insurance broker who holds a non-resident license in Kansas. Do I need to report discipline from another state in Kansas?

Non-resident insurance brokers licensed in Kansas must report discipline from another state directly to the Kansas Insurance Department. If you only report to the NIPR warehouse, you may be disciplined for failing to comply with your reporting duty.

If you are an insurance broker in need of representation for Kansas disciplinary issues, contact JHC’s professional licensure defense lawyers today.

I am licensed by the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions, and the board received a complaint about my work. What should I do?

If you are a professional engineer or architect facing potential discipline before the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions, JHC’s professional licensure defense lawyers may be able to help. While the board may dismiss a complaint if it can readily determine compliance with industry standards, your case may become more involved if compliance is less obvious. You need to consider retaining an expert to help make your case.

Does the Kansas Real Estate Commission require realtors to self-report arrests?

Realtors licensed by the Kansas Real Estate Commission must report your arrests, criminal charges, and criminal convictions to the Commission within 10 days of any such occurrence. A realtor who does not report as required may be disciplined by the Commission for that alone—even if the charges are ultimately dismissed. For help defending your Kansas real estate license, contact JHC’s professional licensure defense lawyers.

Will I be disciplined if I do not timely renew my accounting firm’s registration and CPA permit?

Kansas accountants and accounting firms must maintain current registrations and permits with the Kansas Board of Accountancy. Practicing without a current registration or permit may result in discipline by the KSBOA. That discipline may then impair your membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. For representation regarding any disciplinary issue before the KSBOA, contact JHC’s professional licensure defense lawyers.

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