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Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies dedicate significant time and resources to the detection and investigation of drug offenses in and around Topeka, Kansas. With drug task forces conducting in-depth investigations and interdiction officers patrolling Kansas highways, drug crimes are among the most frequently prosecuted crimes throughout the state. Because a Kansas drug conviction may result in significant penalties and collateral consequences, you need Topeka drug crime defense attorneys who regularly handle drug cases, knows how to protect your rights, and have a track record of success in Kansas courtrooms. You need Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Topeka drug crime defense lawyers on your side.

Top-Tier Defense: Our Talented Topeka Drug Crime Defense Attorneys

JHC’s Topeka drug crime defense attorneys defend clients against drug charges on a daily basis. With experience handling everything from simple possession cases to allegations of involvement in huge drug conspiracies, we know how to navigate any case you bring our way. Let our highly rated drug defense attorneys defend you against:

We can handle your case no matter what drug or drugs are involved. We defend clients facing:

And more. Our drug crime defense team includes career Topeka drug crime defense attorneys working alongside former prosecutors. That combination of experience and perspective helps us to quickly identify important issues and design winning defense plans. For assistance with drug charges in the Topeka area—whether felony or misdemeanor—call JHC’s Topeka drug crime lawyers today.

Federal and State Defense Against Drug Crime Charges

JHC’s Topeka drug crime defense attorneys have decades of experience defending clients against drug charges in federal, state, and municipal courts. We help clients charged with drug offenses in the United States District Court for the District of Kansas; in the district courthouses in Shawnee County, Wabaunsee County, Geary County, Riley County, Pottawatomie County, and Jackson County; and in the municipal courts in Topeka, Auburn, Holton, Hoyt, Lyndon, Meriden, Rossville, Silver Lake, or Willard.

Our Topeka drug attorneys know the officers who investigate drug crimes, the attorneys who prosecute them, and the judges who make rulings in these cases. We know how to litigate cases with wiretaps and how to combat complex drug investigations. We have experience defending people charged with drug-related deaths, healthcare professionals charged with drug diversion, low level drivers and couriers, and alleged kingpins. And we use this background to each new client’s advantage—developing the best defense for each unique situation.

Suppression Defenses to Drug Charges

JHC’s Topeka drug defense lawyers have a track record of successfully defending drug cases with suppression motions, and we examine every case to determine whether an issue with your stop, arrest, search, or interrogation may provide a basis to exclude the evidence against you. We know how to spot problems with car stops, drug dog sniffs, and vehicle searches. We know when to challenge warrants or the manner of their execution. And we oppose the admission of statements obtained by use of improper interrogation methods.

Our Topeka drug crime defense attorneys make it a point to know the latest developments in Fourth Amendment and Fifth Amendment law so we can stop the prosecution from using evidence gained in violation of our clients’ constitutional rights. Our suppression arguments have resulted in the dismissal of charges at the district court level and the reversal of conviction on appeal.

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For top-quality defense against your Kansas drug charge, call JHC’s Topeka drug crime defense lawyers today.

FAQs About Topeka Drug Crimes

When are police allowed to search me, my car, or my house without a warrant?

The default rule is that police need a warrant to conduct a search, but exceptions always apply.

Unless there is an emergency situation or the police are in hot pursuit of someone who has entered your home, police need a warrant to search your home.

Cars are more frequently searched without a warrant based on the automobile exception. Because cars are mobile, the law does not require a warrant to search them—as long as police have probable cause to believe the car contains evidence of a crime, instrumentalities of crime, fruits of a crime, or contraband.

The exception most commonly applied to search people is the search incident to arrest. Police may search a person and the areas within that person’s reach once he or she has been lawfully arrested. The justification for this exception is police safety and prevention of the destruction of evidence.

If law enforcement officers have discovered drugs after searching you, your car, or your home, contact JHC’s drug crime defense lawyers.

How can I be charged with possession of drugs found in a shared house?

You may be charged with and convicted for a drug possession offense based on actual possession (when you are caught carrying drugs that no one else has access to) or constructive possession (you have access to and the authority to control drugs in a common area, such as a shared home or vehicle). When drugs are found in a location shared by multiple people, the following factors are considered to determine whether a defendant possessed the drugs: (1) incriminating statements made by the defendant; (2) suspicious behavior on the part of the defendant; (3) previous drug sales by the defendant; (4) the defendant’s use of narcotics; (5) the proximity of defendant to the area where drugs were found; (6) the fact that drugs are found in plain sight; and (7) other drugs or paraphernalia are found on the defendant. When others may also be implicated with respect to the drugs at issue, prosecutors will usually argue that the drugs were jointly possessed by everyone with access to them and/or that everyone with access participated in a conspiracy to possess the drugs.

When are police allowed to use drug dogs?

Dog sniffs are not searches governed by the Fourth Amendment, so police do not need a warrant before deploying a dog for a sniff. That means drug dogs may be used to sniff the exterior of your car during a roadside stop or your luggage at the airport. However, police may not detain you for the sole purpose of conducting a drug dog sniff unless they have reasonable suspicion to believe that you are involved in the type of criminal activity a drug dog is trained to detect.

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