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Topeka Broken Bone Injury Lawyers Ready to Guide You

Joseph Hollander & Craft’s Topeka broken bone injury attorneys are committed to helping the people of Kansas who have suffered broken bone injuries due to the fault of another. When you hire our team, we’ll handle all of the investigations, negotiation, and legal work so you can focus on your health and recovery. To determine if you have a case, contact our Topeka broken bone injury lawyers today.

Broken Bone/Fracture Injuries

Broken bones and fractures are the results of accidents that cause a heavy impact on the bones in the body. Accidents that may result in broken bones include slips and falls, motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents, and motorcycle accidents. The physical force exerted against the body has to be very strong to break or fracture something as solid as a bone. In the most severe incidents, bones may shatter into multiple fragments or become disjointed.

Medical treatment for repairing a broken bone involves two steps: first is repairing the bone if it is partially or completely broken. Next the bone is realigned so that it fits into its original position and doesn’t affect your and day to day movement.

In extreme cases, such as an open fracture, the broken bones penetrate through the skin, leading to blood loss, infection, and if not treated promptly and properly, death. For these types of injuries, surgery will be required to put the bone back together and repair the damage to the skin and tissues.

Broken bones can require setting and casting, bone grafting, surgery, and physical therapy to help victims recover, rehabilitate, and retain mobility. In many cases, the victim never completely recovers from the injury.

Types of Broken Bone Injuries

Anywhere in the body where you have a bone can be the site of a fracture injury. Some types of bone fractures include:

To address serious injuries like this, you need experienced Topeka broken bone injury lawyers like the team at JHC.

Costs and Expenses Associated With Fractured Bone Injuries

If you have suffered from a fracture or broken bone that was someone else’s fault, you can pursue a claim for your damages. Some common costs and expenses associated with a fractured or broken bone injury include:

Let JHC’s Topeka broken bone injury attorneys help you recover the financial compensation you need to cover your medical bills, pay for forthcoming treatment, address your employment situation, and everything else affected by your broken bone injury.


What should I do if I am in an accident that has resulted in a broken bone injury?

First, call 911 and do not leave the site of the accident until paramedics or EMS help has arrived. The paramedics will evaluate your condition and assess all of your injuries. They may transport you via ambulance to a local hospital for further treatment.

Once you are capable of doing so, retrieve a copy of the accident or incident report from the police department. If you can, photograph the scene of the accident, including any vehicle damage.

If you are contacted by the at-fault party’s insurance company, avoid giving a recorded statement or signing any document without first speaking to an experienced attorney. JHC’s Topeka broken bone injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We know that a catastrophic injury can cause long term consequences for you and your family. Let us assist you in pursuing compensation for your injuries and damages.

Do I need a Topeka lawyer for a broken bone?

 If you have a broken bone as a result of another person’s wrongful or negligent act or failure to act, you should contact a personal injury attorney to assess your case. If there is a claim to be made, having a qualified broken bone injury lawyer prepare it greatly increases your likely compensation compared to handling the matter on your own. JHC’s experienced team knows what evidence you need to make your case, how to collect and preserve it, and how to present it in the most effective way possible.

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