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Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Topeka family law attorneys are experienced advocates dedicated to offering the most effective representation for all of your family law concerns. Steadfast counselors and advisors, we focus on understanding your needs and crafting legal solutions to meet them.

Personalized Representation for Personal Matters

When it comes to your family, everything is personal. JHC’s Topeka family law lawyers understand. That is why we approach every case with a focus on listening to our clients. We want to know your unique circumstances and your specific needs so we can provide the best family law representation for you. We tailor our representation to meet our clients exactly where they are. Knowing that many family law matters carry a great amount of emotion, our Topeka family law attorneys offer compassion and guidance.

Your Full-Service Topeka Family Law Firm

JHC’s Topeka family law lawyers provide family law representation in Shawnee, Riley, Geary, Brown, Nemaha, Jackson, Wabaunsee, and Jefferson Counties. With a diverse skillset and a commonsense approach that gets the job done, we assist clients with family law issues including:

Let JHC’s skilled Topeka family law attorneys help with your family law matter.

Topeka Family Law Attorneys, Advocates, Advisors, and Counselors

All of JHC’s Topeka family law attorneys are capable and accomplished litigators, advocates, advisors, and counselors. We know how to effectively advocate for you in the courtroom, negotiate favorable resolutions that limit judicial involvement, and offer solutions that work for our clients and their families.

Particularly when paired with the emotional stress that accompanies many family law matters, the legal process can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way. JHC’s Topeka family law lawyers aim to alleviate our clients’ anxieties by maintaining consistent communication, clearly explaining the law, and providing workable options.

JHC is ready for anything when it comes to:

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Will my spouse have to pay my attorney’s fees in the divorce case?

Kansas statute allows judges to award costs and attorney’s fees “to either party as justice and equity require.” When and whether to require one spouse to pay the other spouse’s costs and fees in a divorce case is within the judge’s discretion. The judge will consider: (1) each spouse’s financial means, (2) each spouse’s behavior (particularly behavior that appears to abuse the litigation process), and (3) the overall circumstances of the situation.

If a judge awards attorney fees, it will not necessarily award fees that equal what your attorney actually charged. The judge may order that your spouse pay only for certain services and may order payment at a lower rate than typical for your attorney.

Is alimony available in a Kansas divorce?

Yes, although it is called spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance is a payment made from one spouse to another for the future support of that spouse. Spousal maintenance is not required or guaranteed in every situation. The court may award spousal support to either party in the amount the court finds to be fair, just, and equitable under the circumstances. To determine whether to award spousal maintenance. It may be ordered in the following forms: (1) a lump sum payment, (2) periodic payments for a set number of months, or (3) a percentage of specific earnings. Spousal maintenance is typically awarded for a set period of time-based on the length of the parties’ marriage.   

Are grandparents given visitation rights during the divorce or paternity process?

Grandparents are not given visitation rights as a matter of course, but Kansas law does permit grandparents to request visitation rights and judges to order grandparent visitation. For grandparents to receive court-ordered visitation rights with a child, they must show that: (1) they have a substantial relationship with the child; and (2) having a relationship with the child is in the child’s best interest. Parents have a constitutional right to decide how they raise their children, which includes deciding who the child spends time with. A judge will only grant grandparent visitation rights over the objection of the legal parent when he or she determines the visitation is clearly in the best interest of the child.

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