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Our Topeka Sex Crime Defense Attorneys Are Ready To Help You

Allegations of a sex crime can be devastating. Defending yourself against charges—even when they are false—often presents a tall order. These cases tend to pit one person’s word against another’s. In addition, investigations into sex-related offenses are focused on building a case against the accused rather than scrutinizing the veracity or plausibility of the accusations. If you are facing allegations of a sex offense, do not trust your freedom or your future to just anyone. For superior defense representation, contact the Topeka sex crime attorneys at Joseph, Hollander & Craft.

What to Do if You Are Accused of a Sexual Offense

When faced with accusations of a sexual offense, taking early action can be critical to obtaining a just and fair outcome. In most cases, a law enforcement officer will want to interview you about the accusations before charges have been filed. The decision of whether or when to talk to law enforcement should not be made without the assistance of counsel. When you hire one of JHC’s Topeka sex crime lawyers before police contact you, we can help you determine what course of action is best for you and how best to offer a statement to police if you choose to do so.

Too often, people accused of sexual offenses are eager to tell their side of the story—to police, through social media, or through conversations with people they trust. While you may believe this will clear your name or reputation, these statements can be used against you and turn your friends and family into adverse witnesses. JHC’s Topeka sex crime attorneys know that the best defense is a thoughtful one. We review the facts and allegations, carefully consider the law, and work with our clients from the pre-charge stage to develop and execute a defense strategy tailored to the case.

To Build a Strong Defense, Start Early

JHC’s Topeka sex crime attorneys take a proactive approach to the defense process. The sooner you hire one of JHC’s Topeka sex crime lawyers, the sooner we can begin preserving evidence in your defense. We engage experienced investigators to ensure the evidence supporting our clients is not overlooked or lost before trial. When available, we provide law enforcement officers and prosecutors evidence to demonstrate that no crime occurred. We aim to prevent charges from ever being filed whenever possible.

If charges are already pending, the Topeka sex crime attorneys at JHC don’t rely on the prosecution’s evidence. We use all our resources to collect information to refute the prosecution’s claims. We interview witnesses, check timelines, collect records, and consult experts regarding critical issues. As experienced trial attorneys, our Topeka sex crime lawyers know how to build your defense for the courtroom.

Experienced and Skilled Topeka Sex Crime Defense Attorneys

JHC’s Topeka criminal defense attorneys have defended clients charged with sex crimes in Kansas state and federal courts for decades. With a track record of success in the courtroom, we have earned a reputation for excellence. We know what it takes to challenge serious sex crime allegations, and we will put that hard-earned experience to work for you.

JHC’s team of attorneys includes multiple former prosecutors with experience handling sex offense prosecutions. With insight from the other side of the case, our Topeka sex crime lawyers are uniquely poised to oppose false accusations, negotiate sensible resolutions to difficult cases, and convincingly advocate for fair and just sentences.

Sexual Offense Charges Our Topeka Sex Crime Attorneys Defend

If you are facing allegations of a sexual offense in the Topeka area, make JHC your first call. Our Topeka sex crime attorneys represent clients in Shawnee County, Jackson County, Pottawatomie County, Riley County, Geary County, Wabaunsee County, Osage County, and beyond when they need defense against charges of:

And more. We will scrutinize all the evidence in your case, offer candid advice, and prepare a strategic defense plan.

If you have been accused of a sexual offense, don’t delay. Call JHC’s Topeka sex crime defense attorneys today.

FAQs About Topeka Sex Crimes

Can I bond out of jail if I am charged with a sex crime?

Yes. Your bond will be set based on the judge’s assessment of your potential risk to the community and the likelihood you will return to court.

Are you considered a sex offender if you never had contact with the victim?

The Kansas sex offender registration law requires registration based on the statute of conviction, and many of the crimes that require registration do not require sexual contact with a victim. Examples of offenses that trigger registration even when no touching occurs include:

How am I charged with rape when we never had sex?

The Kansas rape statute (K.S.A. 21-5503) prohibits “sexual intercourse” with specific individuals (e.g., children) and under certain circumstances (e.g., when the victim is unconscious of physically powerless or overcome by force or fear). While many think sexual intercourse means penile-vaginal penetration, Kansas law defines the term more broadly. Pursuant to K.S.A. 21-5501(a), “sexual intercourse” means any penetration of the female sex organ by a finger, the male sex organ, or any object.

What is required for legal consent in Kansas?

Kansas law does not define what is required for valid legal consent to sexual activity. Consent does not have to be expressly or verbally stated, but neither does lack of consent require an express or verbal statement to that effect. The question of whether a certain sexual act was consensual is generally a jury question and often highly fact dependent.

Kansas law requires that a person be 16 or older to consent to sexual activity.

What is a Kansas Jessica’s Law offense?  

A Jessica’s Law offense is a Kansas sexual offense involving a minor under the age of 14, which subjects the offender to a sentence of life imprisonment. These offenses are also called “off-grid” crimes because the sentencing parameters are not governed by the Kansas Sentencing Guidelines grid but set by statute.

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