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The human body has over 70 internal organs, each of which is vital in keeping the body healthy and functioning. Internal organ injuries can result in compromised quality of life, long-term health issues, or loss of life. While some internal organ injuries can heal over time, many are permanent and cannot be repaired. Even with the best medical care, some internal organ injuries can result in considerable impairments, a shorter lifespan, and permanent disabilities.

If you have suffered from internal organ damage due to the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to significant compensation to cover your damages. Let Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Kansas City internal organ injury lawyers help you recover what you are due.

Common Types of Internal Organ Injuries 

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBIs) covers a wide array of situations, ranging from minor concussions to brain damage that leaves an individual in a permanent vegetative state. TBIs occur when external forces cause damage to the brain’s tissue, which can cause severe and long-lasting symptoms. TBIs often cause permanent changes in your life, making it difficult or impossible for you to return to the life you once had. TBIs can permanently alter the victim’s personality leading to devastating consequences for the victim as well as their loved ones.

Chest Injury

Your chest area protects several vital organs including the lungs, heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys. Injuries to the lungs can cause breathing problems and result in severe complications that can cause death. The lungs can be punctured or bruised and require immediate medical attention. Any damage to the heart is life-threatening. Since it is responsible for pumping blood and oxygen to the rest of your body, any damage to the heart can have serious side effects.

Abdominal Injury

The abdomen contains several different organs that can be injured including the stomach, intestines, bladder, and diaphragm. One or more abdominal organs can be injured in one accident. Severe abdominal injuries can result in internal bleeding or fatal infection.

When an accident results in any of these types of injuries, you may have a claim for compensation. JHC’s Kansas City personal injury attorneys regularly handle cases of this nature to ensure our clients do not pay for the negligence of another person. Let us help you too.

Common Causes of Internal Organ Injuries

Internal organ damage can be obvious in more severe cases. However, in some instances, victims may not realize they have organ damage until after the initial shock from an accident when an injury is incurred. Organs can be damaged from crushing external forces, kinetic injury, blunt force trauma, decelerating trauma, penetrating trauma, and oxygen deprivation. There are several types of accidents that can cause damage to internal organs, including:

JHC’s personal injury lawyers in Kansas City routinely litigate cases involving accidents of all sorts. We know what to look for to prove fault and how to collect and prove your damages.

High Costs Associated with Internal Organ Injuries

Medical treatment for damaged internal organs is often extremely expensive and time consuming. Most internal organ damage requires some kind of surgery. More severe injuries can require multiple surgeries, hospitalizations, and sometimes transplant services—all of which can result in exorbitant medical expenses. Long-term consequences of internal organ damage include the necessity of lifetime medications, change in lifestyle, loss of employment and emotional trauma.

To ensure you have the financial means to cover these treatments—and to recover damages for related consequences like pain and suffering, lost wages, and diminished earning potential, contact JHC’s Kansas City personal injury attorneys today.

Common Questions About Internal Organ Damage Injuries

I was hurt in an accident. Do I need to see a doctor right away?

Yes. Even if you think your injuries are relatively minor, the best option for your health is to be medically cleared. You could have a brain injury or internal organ damage that could take time to become readily apparent. The sooner you are checked out by a doctor, the better.

Be sure to tell the doctor who sees you that you were hurt in an accident and what your complaints or injuries are. Comply with all of your doctor’s instructions and document every medical appointment, including mileage and travel time to and from the doctor’s office. All of this information could help protect your legal rights if there is a dispute later on.

Can I afford to hire an attorney for my internal organ damage injury?

Absolutely. Since JHC accepts personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, our firm advances all costs related to moving your case forward and you won’t owe us anything until we win. Our fee is an agreed-upon percentage of your recovery; if we don’t recover, you don’t owe us anything. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is the best way to pursue full compensation for your injuries; you can’t afford to do anything less.

What are the dangers of internal organ damage?

Internal organ damage is a broad category of injury, since there are many different internal organs in the body that can be hurt. Damage to different internal organs present different dangers. Some internal organ injuries can be fatal almost immediately; others may take some time to even be noticeable. If you suspect that you have internal damage, or if you have been involved in an accident and are unsure if you’ve suffered internal injuries, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

Is internal organ damage considered a catastrophic injury?

A catastrophic injury is one that results in permanent disabilities. Internal organ damage is considered to be one of the many types of catastrophic injury. Because of the serious nature of catastrophic injuries, such as internal organ damage, they can lead to more complicated legal battles. Compensation for an internal organ damage injury case should include past and future medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and pain and suffering. Expert testimony, such as medical experts, life care planners, and forensic economic experts are often used to support the claim and help the injured person plan for the future. Because of the large monetary care needs, the amount offered in settlement can be much greater when the injuries suffered are catastrophic.

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