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Kansas City Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Ready To Help You

If you are charged with or being investigated for a federal crime in Kansas City, the federal criminal defense law firm of Joseph, Hollander & Craft is ready to help. Our Kansas City federal criminal defense attorneys defend individuals in the District of Kansas and the Western District of Missouri against all types of federal criminal charges. We defend white-collar charges like fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and income tax evasion; sex crimes like possession and distribution of child pornography (child exploitation); drug possession and conspiracies; gun offenses; and much more.

Most Important Advice: Hire Early

No matter your situation, one piece of advice will remain the same: hire an experienced federal defense lawyer early—as soon as you learn you are the target of a federal criminal investigation. Signs the feds are investigating you include:

Sometimes, federal officials may issue a target letter. This is most common in cases involving white-collar crimes and may follow law enforcement officers’ more casual attempts to interview you. Target letters generally inform the recipient that he or she is the target of a pending federal investigation (perhaps already before a federal grand jury) and identify the crime the recipient is believed to have committed. A target letter may encourage the recipient to contact the prosecutor or an investigating agent.

If you receive a target letter, call our Kansas City federal crime attorneys immediately. While the likelihood of indictment is high when a target letter issues, it is not certain. Early intervention by experienced defense counsel can make all the difference—sometimes preventing charges from ever being filed.

At the very least, it is important to have a knowledgeable federal criminal defense lawyer interact with prosecutors and investigative agents on your behalf. This will guard against avoidable grand jury testimony and ensure protection of your constitutional rights. Federal law enforcement agents may use questioning techniques designed to elicit incriminating statements or pressure you to consent to entry or a search. If you are already represented by an attorney, they will never have the opportunity to try.

What If Charges Are Pending?

If we don’t get to meet you until charges are already pending, don’t worry. We can handle that, too. With our extensive experience defending charges for federal crimes, you can feel confident you are in good hands. From your detention hearing through trial, our Kansas City federal criminal defense attorneys know how to navigate complex federal criminal procedures to advocate for your rights.

Federal law enforcement officers and prosecutors often have more time and resources to devote to investigations and prosecutions compared to their state counterparts. This may be evident in the larger volume of evidence produced in discovery in federal criminal cases. Our Kansas City federal criminal lawyers are used to managing these large, document-intensive cases. We have the resources and technological acumen required to hit the ground running on your behalf.

Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Kansas City federal defense attorneys work with investigators to collect exculpatory evidence the prosecution overlooked or ignored in building its case against you. We engage experts to address scientific and technical issues that prove critical to some cases. And we chip away the prosecution’s case with strategic motion work.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Federal crimes tend to have longer sentences and bigger fines than state crimes, and the mechanism for calculating sentences differs significantly from most state sentencing schemes. For example, states generally base presumptive sentences on the offense of conviction, but the federal sentencing guidelines based your presumptive sentence on all “relevant conduct.” In a drug case, for example, this may mean your sentence will be calculated based on a quantity of drugs sold over a period of months—even if you only admit to a single transaction. It is important to hire a federal criminal defense law firm whose attorneys are well versed on the United States Sentencing Guidelines.

Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Kansas City federal criminal defense lawyers know the federal sentencing guidelines inside out, and we will make sure you understand how your sentence will be calculated. We are also knowledgeable about statutory minimum sentences and avenues to obtain sentences below the mandatory minimum. Our Kansas City federal criminal defense litigators have been successful in obtaining departures and variances in the District of Kansas and the Western District of Missouri.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Kansas City Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Selecting the right Kansas City federal criminal defense attorney may result in avoiding or mitigating serious financial consequences and even incarceration. With decades of experience in federal courthouses, JHC’s federal clients benefit from our earned respect and productive working relationships with federal prosecutors and judges alike.

Don’t delay—call one of our Kansas City federal criminal defense lawyers today.


How are federal criminal cases different from state criminal cases?

Criminal cases charged in federal court must involve a violation of federal law (i.e., a statute passed by United States Congress). Often, these laws must have a connection to interstate commerce, but the connection is easy to make. The same conduct may be prohibited under state and federal law. Generally speaking, more severe offenses will be prosecuted at the federal level. Penalties tend to be steeper at the federal level, too.

The federal government has significantly better funding to investigate and prosecute criminal charges than most state governments. Federal law enforcement agencies like FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), IRS (Internal Revenue Service), ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms), and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) often possess superior technology compared to local police and may be able to staff a case with more agents.

Federal criminal procedure differs from state procedure. And sentencing is governed by a complex set of guidelines promulgated by the United States Sentencing Commission. Many federal criminal statutes have minimum statutory penalties.

In addition, the judges who preside over criminal cases in federal court are lifetime appointees. They cannot be voted out of office like state court judges.

In sum, there is often a world of difference between defending a case in federal court versus state court. It is important to have an attorney who knows the difference and—most importantly—how those differences may impact your case.

How do the United States Sentencing Guidelines affect a criminal case?

The United States Sentencing Guidelines are a complex set of rules that determine the presumptive sentence for a defendant who has pleaded or been found guilty of a federal offense. The sentencing guidelines are designed to recommend a sentence based on how serious the crime is, relevant criminal activity outside but related to the conviction (relevant conduct), the client’s role in the offense, aggravating and mitigating circumstances, criminal history, and any assistance the client has given the government. Because these guidelines dictate the potential sentence in any federal criminal case, we often start with a guideline analysis to determine our clients’ potential sentencing exposure and calculate the risks and benefits of alternative defense strategies.

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