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One particularly grave consequence of a severe personal injury event is the loss of a limb. Through no fault of your own, the loss of a hand, arm, leg, or eye has changed your life. Your ability to work may be affected, and debt may be piling up as a result. You have physical and emotional pain and trauma. You are feeling uncertain as to what to do next. You need help from a Kansas City amputation injury lawyer at Joseph, Hollander & Craft.

Frequency and Causes of Amputation Injuries

The loss of a body part can happen for a variety of reasons. The National Limb Loss Information Center has estimated that 1 out of every 200 individuals in the U.S has experienced a surgical amputation. Surgical amputations may be required as a result of a medical condition, but they may also be required if a limb injured in an accident cannot be repaired.

Traumatic amputations differ from surgical amputations. Traumatic amputations are the unplanned outcome of a severe injury. It is estimated that at least 30,000 traumatic amputations occur in the United States each year.

An amputation can occur as the result of a trucking accident, bicycle accident, dog bite or mauling, defective product, fire or explosion, or other personal injury accident. When a surgical amputation or traumatic amputation follows as a consequence of someone else’s negligence, JHC’s Kansas City personal injury attorneys help injured persons recover financial compensation.

Effects and Impacts of Amputations

JHC’s amputation injury attorneys know that losing a body part can dramatically impact the way a person functions and navigates the future. The effects of a traumatic amputation are almost always life changing and may include the loss of mobility and dexterity, stump and phantom limb pain, infection, fatigue, exhaustion, loss of function, and loss of sensation.

Complications that can occur after an amputation include vascular problems, orthopedic issues, future surgeries, neck pain, and back pain. Poor circulation after an amputation can be intensified during cold weather, which can require regular massage therapy for pain management.

The traumatic amputation of a body part can have significant and long-lasting physical and psychological impacts. The psychological effects can include body image problems, social isolation, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts.

Many amputees struggle with emotions such as grief and bereavement, similar to those experienced upon the death of a loved one. Addressing the psychological impact of a traumatic amputation is often as critical as coping with the physical demands.

In addition, an amputee may want or need to be fitted for a prosthetic and will need to adjust to their new life with the prosthetic device. This will include participation in rehabilitation and physical therapy.

All of this can cost a great deal of money. An injury that was not your fault should not cause you financial hardship. JHC’s Kansas City amputation injury lawyers want to help you ensure you obtain all the financial compensation to which you are entitled. Let our Kansas City personal injury attorneys get to work for you.

Recovering Costs and Expenses Arising from Amputation Injuries

Filing a personal injury claim for an injury resulting in amputation may be necessary to recover compensation for injury-related medical expenses, including medical treatment, physical therapy/rehabilitation, prosthetics, medical equipment and assistive devices, and modifications to home and vehicles.

In addition to losing time from work for medical treatment and recovery, many amputees are unable to return to their previous occupation. For some, this may mean a career change often requiring education and training for a different job, for others, the result is the inability to earn a wage altogether. In any event, income will be lost for a period of time.

There is also a possibility of non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and loss of quality of life.

JHC’s Kansas City personal injury lawyers help amputees pursue justice and fair compensation to cover all of these expenses and losses.

Free Consultation Regarding Your Amputation Injury

If you have lost a limb as a result of the negligence of another, contact JHC’s Kansas City amputation injury attorneys today. Your initial consultation with us is free, and we do not charge attorneys’ fees unless and until we win.

Common Questions About Amputation Injuries

Why is it important to quickly investigate an accident that results in an amputation?

Given the seriousness of the injury, it is vital that you or your attorney investigate the accident site quickly and thoroughly. A thorough investigation should include an examination of the scene, the circumstances involved in the accident, interviews with witnesses, and the collection of reports from all investigating agencies.

In the event of a car accident, trucking accident, motorcycle accident, or other motor vehicle accident, the vehicles or objects that caused the accident should be maintained in their post-accident condition (i.e., motorcycles should not be repaired; malfunctioning machines should be maintained and not repaired).

The investigation will be important to establish fault for the defendant; establish a lack of fault on the part of the plaintiff; and establish fault on wrongdoers other than the most clearly at fault defendant who may be in a better position to fully compensate plaintiff for an always serious amputation injury.

Will my attorney need to retain experts to prove liability and damages even though my injury is so obvious?

Depending on the seriousness of your injury, it can be critical that liability and fault are determined as soon as possible after an accident. Liability experts will help with this. Such experts may include mechanical engineers, accident reconstructionists, and human factors experts who can speak to the liability factors in the accident. Additionally, if there is any question as to whether another person’s wrongdoing caused your injury, the retention of biomechanical engineers can be extremely helpful.

When it comes to determining damages, it is usually necessary to retain at least one doctor to testify to the medical effects of the injury. Additionally, a vocational rehabilitation or life care need expert may be used to testify to loss of earning capacity and need for future care and treatment. Finally, an economist can testify to the amount of damages which will need to be awarded to cover all of your losses.

What damages am I entitled to recover in my amputation injury case?

A plaintiff who has suffered an amputation injury may be entitled to recover past and future medical and attendant care expenses; past and future loss of income/earning capacity; past and future pain, suffering and emotional distress and in cases in which the defendant’s conduct is particularly bad, punitive damages (damages which are awarded to punish the defendant).

Do I need to retain an attorney?

Given the significance of your injury, you should not take a chance on attempting to resolve your case without the help of a qualified and experienced attorney. An attorney will help you to establish fault against the most obvious defendant; will help you establish fault on other potential defendants; and will help minimize or eliminate any fault which would be attributed to you. Further, an attorney will help increase the value of your case by accounting for all of your damages to ensure that you receive as much compensation as possible under the circumstances. JHC’s personal injury lawyers know how to maximize your recovery. Contact us today so we can get to work for you.

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