JHC criminal defense attorney Dustin Curry interviewed about Sen. Gene Suellentrop DUI case

Kansas Senate Majority Leader Gene Suellentrop’s March 16th arrest for suspected DUI, fleeing officers, speeding, and driving the wrong way down a divided highway has raised a flurry of questions. KSNT’s Rebekah Chung reached out to Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Dustin Curry for answers.

Curry, who specializes in DUI and criminal defense matters, explained that a DUI arrest does not make a DUI conviction inevitable: “There are other reasons that someone may do that, other than being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There may have been underlying medical conditions. There may have been traffic control that might have been confusing. He may have just made a mistake.” Curry also added that the senator is innocent until proven guilty and more evidence will need to be disclosed before any charging decisions are made.

View the full story at KSNT’s website.

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