Experienced Litigation Counselors
Our experienced trial attorneys aggressively represent individuals and businesses in a variety of issues from contract disputes to fraudulent representations.  It does not matter if it is a dispute over thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We understand that the bottom line matters. We will fight to protect your interests.

We are well regarded by judges and other attorneys, as reflected in peer review ratings in the Martindale Hubbell ® Bar Register of Pre Eminent Lawyers, U.S. News & World Report’s Best Law Firms, Chambers USA’s The World’s Leading Lawyers, Best Lawyers in America, and Thomson Reuters’ Super Lawyers ®.

Our Kansas Litigation Attorneys

Mr. Joseph represents individuals and businesses in complex civil litigation and during the investigation and prosecution of criminal charges. Mr. Joseph is a member of the Kansas, Topeka, and Douglas County Bar Associations and has earned Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory’s highest “AV” rating for lawyers.
Employment litigation dominates Mr. Hollander’s practice, but his extensive litigation experience also includes general civil, commercial, and bankruptcy practice.  His employment litigation practice focuses on management employment law, while contract and covenant law dominate his civil litigation practice.
Ms. Bellquist’s practice is focused on general civil litigation and defending licensed individuals and entities in licensing actions involving their regulatory bodies.  Representation of licensees includes appealing application denials, responding in investigations of complaints, negotiating settlement agreements, defending against allegations in formal disciplinary proceedings.
Ms. Parker’s practice is concentrated in criminal defense and civil litigation.  Ms. Parker is admitted to practice before the Kansas Supreme Court, all other Kansas courts, and the United States District Court for the District of Kansas.Ms. Parker is a member of the Kansas, Topeka, and Douglas County Bar Associations.
Ms. Malotte’s practice is concentrated in civil litigation with an emphasis on employment law.  Ms. Malotte is admitted to practice before the Kansas Supreme Court, all other Kansas courts and the United States District Court for the District of Kansas.
Anne M. Kindling devotes her legal practice to health and hospital law, administrative and regulatory defense, and general civil litigation. Ms. Kindling received her juris doctorate cum laude from the Indiana University School of Law in 1993.

Civil Litigation
When your business, livelihood or reputation is on the line, you want an experienced advocate fighting for you. The experienced litigation attorneys of Joseph Hollander & Craft in Wichita, Kansas City, Lawrence & Topeka Kansas have an arsenal of tools at their disposal, including a thorough understanding of the rules of evidence, topnotch research skills, the ability to synthesize complex information, and persuasive advocacy skills. Most important, you do not just get a lawyer, you get a team. Our attorneys work together with you to develop a strategy for maximized efficiency.

Early Investigation
Your case matters. We want to understand the series of events that lead you to us. We begin each case by meeting with you. Then, we interview key witnesses and reviewing significant documents. With this information in hand, we meet as a team to provide an early assessment, give you your options, and develop a strategy with your goals in mind.

Court Proceedings Before Trial
There are opportunities to dispose of certain claims or outright win your case before trial. You should not pass up these opportunities. Our attorneys have successfully drafted winning motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment.

Early Resolution
Sometimes, it makes sense to resolve a case outside of court. If you decide to pursue this option, our attorneys have extensive experiences representing clients during mediation and arbitration.

You need a well-respected trial attorney with a proven track record. You need someone who will present a solid case or a persuasive defense. You need someone who will make your case a priority. Our attorneys are prepared for the fight. We don’t just go through the motions.

If some issues are not favorably resolved by the court, an appeal may be taken. Whether in federal or state courts, our attorneys are experienced and have a record of success in appeals.

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