This year, as it has for several prior years, the Kansas Legislature has made even more changes to the state’s DUI laws. The changes made during this past legislative session were small, but they will have a big impact. The following changes will take effect on July 1, 2015:

House Bill 2159 amended the time period that DUI offenders must wait to get their DUI convictions expunged. Starting in July, individuals who have one conviction for DUI will be eligible to get that conviction expunged 5 years after completing their sentence or diversion. This change makes first offenders eligible for expungement 5 years earlier than under prior law. Individuals with a second or subsequent conviction for DUI still must wait 10 years after completing their sentence or diversion to be eligible for expungement.

House Bill 2159 also amended KSA 8-241 by adding a section allowing drivers who have ignition interlock devices in their vehicles to obtain a driver’s license rather than requiring such drivers to carry a piece of paper as a license. The ignition interlock driver’s license will include an ignition interlock designation on it. To obtain an ignition interlock license, one must pay the regular driver’s license fee plus $10. If the driver’s previous license has expired or has been suspended for longer than one year, the driver may have to pay a reinstatement fee and take a driving examination.

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