Christopher Joseph currently defending a man charged with the drive-by shooting of a man standing outside his Hi-Crest home told a judge Wednesday he wants to examine Topeka police reports in an ongoing murder investigation to perhaps clear his client.

The prosecutor and legal adviser for the police department disagreed, saying handing over the documents could put witnesses in danger and the unsolved murder investigation at risk.

Mr. Joseph represents Ralfeal Eron Carr, 35, who will be tried on a charge of aggravated battery in the wounding of Royelle Lamont Miller, 35, during a drive-by shooting on the evening of July 17 outside Miller’s house at 3300 S.E. Humboldt.

A day later, Antwon “Lucifer” Love, 45, was shot to death at the same location.

During Carr’s preliminary hearing on Aug. 17, Topeka police officer Barry Nelson testified the slaying of Love on July 18 “possibly” could have been in retaliation for Miller’s wounding.

Chris Joseph, Carr’s defense attorney, thinks Love shot Miller and wants to examine police investigative reports to confirm whether that is the case. Full Story […]