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When Wichita professionals need legal assistance related to their licenses and defense before their regulatory boards, Joseph, Hollander & Craft is at the ready. Our Wichita professional licensure defense lawyers know the dedication you have put into your career and the potentially life-altering consequences of an adverse board action. With decades of experience defending Kansas professionals before countless regulatory boards and administrative law judges, we know the laws, the regulations, the procedures, and the people involved. JHC’s professional licensure defense lawyers are exactly who you need on your side.

Licensing Defense Lawyers for Wichita Professionals

JHC’s professional licensing attorneys advise and defend Wichita professionals, including:

Our Wichita professional licensure defense attorneys assist these and other professionals when they are faced with allegations regarding:

And much, much more. Our Wichita licensing lawyers have the experience and acumen to guide you through whatever you face.

Counselors for All Your Professional Licensing Needs

JHC’s professional licensing attorneys represent professionals regarding the full spectrum of licensing issues. We help individuals applying for professional licensure in Kansas, we manage investigations by regulatory boards, and we advocate for professionals during formal disciplinary proceedings. Our Wichita licensing attorneys also negotiate agreed resolutions and appeal adverse rulings. For assistance with any licensing matter, call our Wichita professional licensing lawyers today.

Professional License Applications & Denials

JHC’s Wichita professional licensure defense lawyers assist Kansas professionals at the very first step of their Kansas careers and business endeavors. Whether you are a new graduate, renewing your license, or relocating from out of state, we can help. We assist professionals who know problems may arise and need counsel throughout the application process. And we help professionals whose applications have been flagged by a regulatory board. With experience handling everything from technical noncompliance to more substantive matters, our Wichita professional licensure defense lawyers can help you successfully navigate the process with ease.

Managing Administrative & Disciplinary Investigations

When a Kansas licensing board undertakes an investigation of your individual practice or your business, you need an experienced licensure defense attorney to protect your rights and interests in the process. JHC’s Wichita licensing lawyers frequently manage administrative investigations for their clients. We know how to help you cooperate with the investigation without getting bulldozed. As your representatives in the process, we will do everything in our power to ensure fairness in the investigation process and advocate for a quick resolution.

Reaching Agreed Resolutions

When it is in the best interest of your practice, JHC’s Wichita professional licensure defense attorneys can negotiate a reasonable settlement or consent decree. This option may be best when you have already taken corrective action or when an ongoing investigation or legal case is preventing forward motion in your business. Our skilled licensing attorneys know how to get results everyone can agree on—while looking out for you, your practice, and your business.

Defending Formal Administrative & Disciplinary Proceedings

If a formal action has been filed against your license or your business, your regulatory board will develop and offer evidence to show misconduct, non-compliance, or deviations from the standard of care. To put yourself in the best position for success, you need a professional licensure defense lawyer who regularly interacts with the licensing boards and regularly defends cases. Administrative law is a niche practice with highly specific standards and procedures that general civil practitioners often find difficult to navigate. Not JHC’s Wichita professional licensure advocates. Having devoted our careers to licensing law and administrative regulation and litigation, we know exactly how to build your case and protect your interests. We have a track record of success, so you can trust us to handle any disciplinary issue you are facing.

Appealing Adverse Agency Actions

Discipline imposed may include remedial training, private or public sanction, or suspension or revocation of your license. Particularly in the case of a suspension or revocation, an appeal may be necessary. JHC’s Wichita professional license defense lawyers can help. We can advise you regarding what issues are available to appeal and defend your license at the next level.

If you need a professional licensure lawyer in Wichita, look no further. JHC’s experienced licensure defense attorneys can guide you through any licensing or disciplinary matter you face.

Lawyers for Wichita Liquor Licenses

JHC’s Wichita licensing lawyers also represent individuals and businesses who need assistance with liquor laws and licensing issues. Any Kansas business that depends on alcoholic beverage sales needs a license issued by the Department of Revenue’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (ABC). And it must comply with a multitude of laws and regulations promulgated at the state and local level.

Our Wichita liquor license lawyers help clients understand and satisfy the dual-level regulation scheme. And we assist clients applying for their first liquor licenses as well as clients who want to transfer, modify, or renew an existing liquor license.

When an individual or business is faced with ABC administrative proceedings, we offer defense services there as well. We challenge unfair and unfounded actions against your license and your business and work out resolutions that allow you to continue your work.

Top Questions About Licensure Defense in Wichita

How long do I have before I am required to report pending criminal charges to the Kansas Real Estate Commission?

10 days. Within 10 days of the occurrence, anyone who holds a Kansas real estate license and is arrested for, charged with, or convicted of a crime must report as much to the Kansas Real Estate Commission as well as his or her supervising broker.

At JHC, we represent and defend Kansas realtors facing all manner of disciplinary issues. For help with your case, call our professional licensure defense lawyers today.

I was delinquent in renewing my firm and CPA permit, but I didn’t practice until it was renewed. Can I be disciplined?

The Kansas Board of Accountancy may consider merely maintaining a website, internet, or social media presence referencing your credentials during a period of expired registration to be practicing without a license and may take disciplinary action. If you are concerned you may be facing discipline by the Board of, contact the professional licensure defense lawyers at JHC.

If I hold a non-resident insurance broker / agent / producer license in Kansas, do I have to report disciplinary action against my license in my home state?

Yes. You are required to report the disciplinary action directly to the Kansas Insurance Department. The Kansas Insurance Department will then reference the National Insurance Producer Registry warehouse, but reporting to the NIPR warehouse alone is not sufficient compliance with the Kansas reporting requirement.

If you are a Kansas insurance broker seeking assistance regarding compliance and disciplinary issues, contact JHC’s professional licensure defense lawyers.

How does the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions deal with complaints about the quality of a professional’s work?

The Kansas State Board of Technical Professions considers the work against specific industry and practice standards. Sometimes, it can easily identify compliance and dismiss a complaint. If not, the Board may take the position that the industry standards and practices were not met. The issue may require expert assistance and a professional defense.

JHC’s professional licensure defense lawyers represent professional engineers and architects in disciplinary matters before the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions. For help with your case, give us a call today.

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