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The loss of limb is a harrowing experience that can permanently alter a victim’s life. Functions and activities that were taken for granted in the past may become difficult, if not impossible, now that a limb or body part has been amputated. If you have experienced an amputation in an accident due to another party’s act of negligence, it is important that you speak with a personal injury attorney knowledgeable in amputation injury cases. Contact Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Wichita amputation injury lawyers for your free case evaluation.

Causes of Amputation Injuries

Amputations happen for a range of reasons. Sometimes a violent or traumatic injury directly or indirectly causes the removal of the appendage. This is common in car accidents, semi-truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, railroad accidents, and other situations where the body is subjected to a violent force. Such injuries can be especially dangerous due to the threat of sudden death from blood loss. In some cases, the limb is severely traumatized, crushed, or partially severed, and it is necessary to remove the limb surgically.

Consequences of Amputations

Many amputees encounter serious changes in their life, which make returning to their daily routines and occupations extremely difficult. Once simple acts like driving, eating, and bathing can become difficult tasks for amputees. In more severe cases the amputee is unable to live independently and full-time assistance is necessary. Medical treatment and recovery can be very costly and time-consuming. Victims seeking to recover any measure of a normal life face heavy financial burdens. Prosthetic limbs can be very costly. These costs can be influenced by the intended use, material, and function of the prosthetic.

But there are laws in place meant to safeguard victims of amputations caused by someone else’s fault. If an accident results in an amputation, the victim may have the right to monetary compensation from the at-fault party.

Navigating such a legal matter can be very challenging and should always be executed with the help of a qualified personal injury lawyer. If you or someone you know has been impacted by an amputation following a traumatic incident, contact JHC’s Wichita amputation injury attorneys immediately.

Medical Treatment for Amputations

If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic amputation injury or required surgical amputation following an accident, it is critical that you seek medical attention immediately. Seeking immediate medical treatment will minimize your losses and help ensure optimum recovery. In some amputation cases, a surgeon may be able to reattach a severed limb, depending on the severity and location of the injury. Seeking medical help immediately also helps you if you decide to file a personal injury claim.

The treatment options for those who experience an amputation vary, but the one thing they have in common is cost—they aren’t cheap. The treatment, rehabilitation and recovery from an amputation is extremely costly, requiring extensive immediate and long-term care, surgeries, medications, therapies, and other forms of medical treatment. Victims of an amputation should not have to face these costs alone.

JHC’s Wichita amputation injury lawyers will help you pursue compensation for these economic damages as well as non-economic damages, such as loss of enjoyment of activities you undertook prior to amputation.

Free Consultation With JHC’s Amputation Injury Attorneys

An initial consultation with us is free, and we do not charge attorneys’ fees unless and until we win. Contact JHC’s Wichita personal injury attorneys to discuss whether you have a claim and how we can help you collect.

Common Questions About Amputation Injury Claims 

What should I do if I suffer an amputation injury?

Seek thorough medical care. Consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to address mental and emotional consequences of your amputation trauma. And contact a skilled personal injury law firm that can help you obtain the financial compensation you need to cover the costs and address future expenses related to your injury.

The person at fault has no money. Who will pay my damages?

In most circumstances, the individual or company at fault for your injury will not be paying for it out of pocket. Their insurance company will pay. Do not assume there is no money to be collected or that you will be stuck paying of these injuries on your own. Consult JHC’s experienced personal injury lawyers to discuss what can be done in your case.

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