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Federal criminal defense law firm Joseph, Hollander & Craft offers top-tier defense for anyone charged with or under investigation for a federal crime in Wichita. Our Wichita federal defense attorneys defend against white-collar criminal charges, including embezzlement, fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering; sex crime charges, including child exploitation and possession of child pornography; controlled substance and drug charges; firearm charges; conspiracy charges and more.

Pre-Charge Representation to Protect Your Rights

You should consult a skilled defense attorney as soon as you learn that you have been identified as a suspect in a federal criminal investigation. This may first occur when law enforcement asks to speak with you or when you receive a subpoena to testify before a federal grand jury.

Sometimes, and most frequently in white-collar criminal cases, federal officials issue a “target letter.” A target letter informs the recipient that he or she is the target of a federal investigation. Target letters may encourage recipients to contact the investigating agent or the government attorney prosecuting or investigating the case.

Call our Wichita federal crime lawyers immediately if you receive a target letter or a federal agent seeks to interview you. Although there is an increased chance of indictment if these things have happened, it is not guaranteed. There may be an opportunity to persuade the prosecutor against filing charges. Or you may be able to work out a pre-charge agreement that limits your exposure. Our experienced Wichita criminal defense attorneys will know what is possible and how to execute the right plan for you.

Even if charges cannot be avoided, JHC’s Wichita federal criminal defense lawyers can serve as a barrier between you and law enforcement, ensuring that the officers act within the law and that your rights are fully protected. For example, we will ensure you are not questioned unless you receive a benefit for the information you provide. In addition, we can start building your defense with independent investigations and evaluations where appropriate.

Fierce Federal Defense

Don’t be alarmed if charges are already pending. There’s still plenty JHC’s Wichita federal criminal defense attorneys can do to help. We know how to navigate complicated federal criminal procedures and advocate for your rights—from your Rule 5 detention hearing all the way to trial and, if necessary, appeal.

Federal law enforcement officers and United States Attorneys often have more resources and time to devote to investigations or prosecutions than their state counterparts, and federal criminal cases often involve a greater amount of evidence than similar cases in state courts. A federal criminal defense attorney who knows what to look for and how to find it can handle these large and complex cases is your best defense. JHC’s Wichita federal crime attorneys have the technological know-how, contacts, and strategic resources to get the job done for you.

Our Wichita federal defense lawyers work closely with outside investigators to gather favorable evidence that the prosecution has ignored or overlooked. We work with experts to address specialized issues that can be critical in some cases. All the while, we challenge the government’s investigation and experts to optimize your position for trial or a favorable agreement.

Federal Sentencing

Federal sentencing is vastly different from sentencing at the state level. Presumptive sentences are generally based on the offense committed as well as “relevant conduct.” Pursuant to the United States Sentencing Guidelines, in addition to the crime of conviction, the sentencing judge will consider “all acts and omissions” committed by the defendant during the commission of the offense of conviction. In a case involving “jointly undertaken activity,” the sentencing judge will also consider the acts of others involved in the crime. In addition, enhancements or reductions may apply based on situational aspects (like whether a gun was involved) or your role in the offense (be it as a major player or a minor pawn).

It is crucial to find a federal criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the United States Sentencing Guidelines because the guidelines will serve as the backdrop for many decisions you make in your federal case—including the decision of whether to go to trial or plead. JHC’s Wichita criminal defense lawyers will ensure you fully understand how any sentence you face will be calculated and what factors the judge will consider in determining whether to vary below a guideline sentence.

The Right Wichita Federal Criminal Defense Law Firm for You

The right federal criminal defense law firm can help you avoid or mitigate serious financial consequences and imprisonment. At JHC, our federal defense attorneys are committed to providing superior representation in and out of court. We take the time to get to know your case inside out and develop a thoughtful defense plan to put you in the best position possible.

If you are facing federal charges in Wichita, call JHC’s federal defense lawyers today.

Top Questions About Federal Criminal Defense

Are sentences for federal drug offenses harsher than for state drug offenses?

With some exceptions, drug crimes prosecuted in federal court are generally sentenced more severely than drug crimes prosecuted in state court. Many federal drug offenses are subject to mandatory minimum sentences, and the drug guideline increases sentences based on the quantity of drugs involved. Cases involving large drug quantities tend to be prosecuted in federal court. Contact JHC’s federal criminal defense attorneys to ensure you are in the best position for sentencing in your federal drug case.

What should I do if federal agents come to my house with a search warrant?

A search warrant is a court order that authorizes law enforcement officers to be on specific premises in order to look for evidence of a crime. If officers show you a warrant with your address listed as the place to be searched, they are legally permitted to be at your home and look through your stuff. But you do not need to and should not consent to let them search anywhere else.

Decline to speak with agents if they ask to interview you while they execute the warrant. To get a search warrant, federal agents had to collect enough evidence to establish probable cause that a crime occurred and evidence of that crime would be found at your house. That being the case, you are likely a suspect in a federal criminal investigation, and anything you say can and will be used against you in a prosecution.

Take a copy of the warrant, get the names and contact information of the searching officers, then call a federal criminal defense attorney. Your attorney can get information about the investigation and help you start building a defense plan right away.

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