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Drug offenses are among the most frequently charged crimes in Kansas. Despite nationwide efforts to reform sentencing for drug offenses, a drug-related conviction could still lead to severe penalties and collateral consequences that can impact your freedom, family, employment, educational access, eligibility for a professional license, and more. If you are the subject of a drug investigation or have been arrested for a drug offense, Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Wichita drug crimes defense lawyers are here to help.

We Defend All Kansas Drug Charges

Our firm’s drug crime defense lawyers include former prosecutors and career defense practitioners who work together to bring valuable perspective to your defense. Our Wichita drug attorneys have represented thousands of clients in drug cases across the state of Kansas. We defend against charges including:

JHC’s Wichita drug crimes defense attorneys can assist you, regardless of whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor, a felony, or both and no matter the nature of the substance involved. We defend cases involving:

And much more. With years of experience defending clients charged with all manner of drug offenses, we spot critical issues quickly and know how to position your case for success.

We Defend Your Fourth and Fifth Amendment Rights

Joseph, Hollander and Craft’s Wichita drug lawyers are well-versed in the various investigative techniques used by law enforcement agencies through Kansas. We know what the officers can do and what they cannot. We will know if law enforcement violated your Fourth Amendment rights during a stop or a search or if they violated your Fifth Amendment rights during an interrogation. If we uncover a constitutional violation in your case, we will prepare a strong suppression defense to prevent illegally obtained evidence from being used against you at trial.

If officers illegally searched you or your car or your home, if they exceeded the scope of their authority, if there is a problem with the warrant, we aim to find that error and ensure that police misconduct does not benefit the prosecution. We obtain the body camera or dash camera footage of the law enforcement officers who investigated your case and thoroughly review them to spot any potential issues that might be important in your defense.  Our Wichita drug crimes defense attorneys stand ready to challenge any violation of your rights under the United States or Kansas Constitutions.

We Defend State and Federal Charges

JHC’s Wichita drug crime defense lawyers represent individuals accused of state and federal drug offenses. Our experience defending Kansas drug charges spans across many years and multiple jurisdictions. We represent clients in the United States District Court for the District of Kansas as well as the district courthouses in Sedgwick County, Butler County, Sumner County, Harvey County, and beyond. We are familiar with the law enforcement officers who investigate drug crimes, as well as the prosecutors who charge them. And we use that knowledge and experience to prepare the best defense for our clients. Whether our clients want to try the case or plea bargain, we strive to put them in the most advantageous position possible.

Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Wichita drug attorneys are ready to defend you. Call us today.

Top Questions About Drug Charges in Kansas

Can I be arrested for drugs someone else put in my car?

Yes. If police find drugs in your car while you are driving it or while it is with you, they likely have enough to arrest you for possession. Whether you will be convicted, however, depends on whether you knew the drugs were in your car and had access to and control over them. Knowledge and control are necessary elements of drug possession. JHC’s drug crimes defense attorneys can help you understand all key elements of your charges, whether the prosecution’s evidence is strong or subject to challenge, and the risks and benefits of taking a possession charge of this nature to trial. 

I was arrested for drug possession but released without charges. What should I do?

In most cases, that just means you haven’t been charged yet. The prosecutors in some jurisdictions will send any suspected drugs off to a laboratory for testing before actually filing charges. Labs can take several months to process samples, so charges may not be filed until long after an arrest. In general, it is better to address the issue sooner rather than later—not only from a defense standpoint, but also to avoid having the case hovering over you. Call JHC’s drug defense lawyers, and we can discuss your unique situation to help you make the best decision regarding how to move forward.

Can cops let a drug dog sniff my car or my bags without a warrant?

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects against unreasonable searches and makes a valid warrant the standard prerequisite for a reasonable search. But dog sniffs are not considered searches under the Fourth Amendment, so police do not need a warrant to let a dog sniff your car or your luggage.

If a dog alerts to the presence of drugs during a sniff, that provides probable cause for a search. The police can provide that information to a judge and request a warrant, or, when exigent circumstances exist, search your property immediately upon observing a drug dog alert.

Note that this does not mean you must consent to a dog sniff or a search of your property. If a law enforcement officer requests permission to conduct a sniff or a search, you may refuse. Refusing consent can be critical to preserving a Fourth Amendment argument, as consent provides an exception to the general rules requiring reasonable suspicion, probable cause, and/or a warrant.

In addition, police cannot detain you for the purpose of facilitating a dog sniff unless they have reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime. For example, if you have been stopped for a traffic violation and the officer has issued a ticket or given you a warning, you should be free to leave. The officer cannot require you to wait for a drug dog to arrive and sniff your car unless he has reasonable suspicion that you are involved in criminal activity involving drugs.

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