Clint Lorance is a former U.S. Army lieutenant who is serving 19 years for murder based on orders given during combat in Afghanistan. At his trial, the deceased were described by prosecutors as innocent village elders. But Lorance’s defense team allege evidence discovered after trial shows that the deceased were terrorist bomb-makers. The evidence was not turned over by the prosecution. Lorance, who is serving his sentence at the United States Disciplinary Barracks located on Fort Leavenworth, is now requesting a new trial.

In the article, criminal defense attorney Chris Joseph explained: “Withholding that evidence was ‘the single most egregious violation and one which is really not defensible.’”

The prosecutor engaged in additional misconduct, the petition alleges, by not turning over a report that found the platoon was being scouted for an impending ambush at the time the bomb-makers were speeding towards the platoon on a motorcycle on a path commonly used by the Taliban.

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