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JHC CLEs via Zoom Webinars

Joseph, Hollander & Craft offers complimentary continuing legal education (CLE) programming primarily to members of the Kansas and Missouri Bars. These webinars are hosted via Zoom. As with any digital technology, the Zoom Webinars® platform has its quirks, limitations, and bugs. And it requires some effort on the part of webinar participants to ensure a successful experience.

To ensure a smooth experience and eligibility for CLE credit, webinar participants should closely follow the instructions in this participation guide. Failure to do so may prevent you from joining and/or receiving participation credit for the webinar. (See also this list of tips from Zoom’s Community forum.)

Registration Instructions


A successful webinar experience starts with exercising due diligence when registering. The data you enter in the registration form must be correct and accurate if you wish to participate and/or receive credit for participating. Therefore, mind the following best practices:

  1. Enter all information accurately and double-check it before submitting the registration form. If you make a typo in your email address, you will not be registered and will not receive a confirmation email.
  2. If you have an individual Zoom account that you will be logged into when joining the webinar, be sure to register with the email address associated with that account. Otherwise, Zoom will not associate your participant ID with your registrant ID, thus hindering us from validating your attendance.
  3. Beware of shared login credentials. If you share an organizational account (e.g., [email protected] or [email protected]) with other users and more than one of you is signed into Zoom with this account, Zoom may only recognize one of you and we will be unable to verify your attendance for credit.
  4. Make sure [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] are on your organization’s Safe Senders list(s). If email from any of these addresses ends up in your spam folder or email quarantine, please mark them (and preferably the domains) as safe
    • NOTE: If your organization uses a third-party firewall (e.g., ServerData.net), you’ll need to add us to that safe senders whitelist rather than in your Outlook client. Better yet, ask your IT team/provider to whitelist us at the organizational level.
  5. Thank you!

Confirmation Email

Zoom will send you a confirmation email shortly after you register (probably within 30 minutes). If you do not receive a confirmation email within half an hour of registering, one of the following likely occurred:

  1. You mistyped your email address in the registration form.
  2. You did not successfully submit the form.
  3. The confirmation email went to spam or quarantine (the email addresses above weren’t whitelisted, cf. #3 above).

If you have any questions or trouble registering after following the instructions above, please email our CLE team and we will respond as soon as possible.

Participation Instructions

In addition to good “registration hygiene,” a successful webinar experience depends on your attention to the following participant best practices:

  1. Make sure you have the global minimum version of Zoom (desktop client or mobile app, updated in the last 90 days) installed before joining the webinar.
  2. Attend via the Zoom desktop client or mobile app, not the browser.
  3. Before joining, confirm that you’re logged into the correct Zoom user account or else not logged in at all.
  4. Use only the unique join link you were assigned when registering. Zoom includes this link in your registration confirmation email. Do not use anyone else’s join link, or else Zoom will give that person attendance credit instead of you.
  5. Each person wishing to receive credit must participate via their own Zoom session.
  6. Join the session no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start time, or you may be forced to re-register.
  7. As a matter of courtesy, please do not announce your presence in the chat. Zoom automatically records your attendance.

Poll Questions

At a random time, partway through the webinar, we will launch a poll question to ensure attendee attentiveness. To receive CLE credit, you must answer the question during the two-to-three-minute timeframe during which it is live. Zoom will record your response.

Poll Visibility

To view and respond to the poll question:

  1. You must attend via the Zoom desktop client or mobile app, not the browser version.
  2. You should have the “global minimum version” of the client/app installed.
  3. Confirm that Zoom pop-ups are not blocked by your IT administrator.
  4. You may need to switch app “windows” (how varies by device) if the poll doesn’t pop up on your screen.

If you’ve complied with these requirements but still can’t see the poll question, email us your response, include your bar license number/state, and we will note it in our report.

CLE Credit

JHC applies for CLE credit—typically one hour of ethics credit—in Kansas and Missouri for each of our webinars.


To receive full credit for your CLE attendance, you must:

  1. Be verifiably* present for the full 50 minutes (auto-logged by Zoom). Partial credit will be granted according to your state’s CLE guidelines.
  2. Answer at least one live poll question during its two-to-three-minute time window.


Upon verified* completion of the CLE program:

  1. We will report credit for Kansas licensees within 30 days.
  2. The day following the webinar, Zoom will send verified attendees an attendance confirmation email, which will include the Missouri course ID number for MO licensees to self-report.

To ensure you receive all confirmation and post-webinar emails, add [email protected] and [email protected] to your email client’s/firewall’s Safe Senders list.

If you do not receive an email within 24 hours of the webinar, either:

  1. Your attendance was not recorded (see explanation below), or
  2. The email got caught in your spam/quarantine filter (see precaution #4 above).

*Verifying Participation

The Kansas CLE Commission requires that providers of digital/virtual programming have mechanisms in place “to independently verify that an attorney has completed the entire program. An attorney affidavit attesting to the completion of a program is not by itself sufficient.” JHC uses the following method to verify participants’ attendance and attentiveness for our virtual CLE programs:

  1. Zoom automatically logs the sign-on and sign-off time(s) and session duration(s) of each attendee. (For participants who log off and rejoin, we combine their sessions to generate each participant’s total time of attendance.)
  2. We launch at least one poll question, intentionally at a random time, leaving each poll open for a few minutes. To verify his/her attentiveness to the program, each participant must vote on at least one poll question during the brief launch window. (See polling instructions above.)
  3. These data points (session time & poll voting) are matched to the email address the participant uses to log onto the webinar.
  4. If you log onto Zoom with the email address you used to register, Zoom connects your registrant data with your participant data, allowing us to readily verify and report your attendance.
  5. If you log on via a different email address than the one you entered on your registration form, Zoom will not link your attendee data with your registrant data. This will hinder, if not thwart, our ability to validate your attendance.


To ensure you receive credit, be sure to:

  1. Register with the email address you will use to sign into Zoom, if applicable.
  2. Sign in with that email address before clicking your unique Zoom join link.
  3. Use only the unique join link Zoom sent you at registration (beware of forwarded links).
  4. Attend via the Zoom desktop client or mobile app.
  5. Answer the poll question.

If we cannot validate your attendance via the means above, you will not receive credit.

Thanks for your attention and understanding. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions. We hope to see you at a CLE webinar soon!

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