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The Kansas City Star and the Topeka Capital-Journal both interviewed Joseph, Hollander & Craft criminal defense attorney Casey Meek for comment on the DUI sentencing of Sen. Gene Suellentrop. (Meek previously commented on the case when interviewed by the Star back in March.)

While some perceived Sen. Suellentrop’s sentence to be too lenient, Meek dismissed the concern, explaining that the sentencing was typical given the circumstances of the matter.

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In Kansas, Refusing a Sobriety Test Is No Longer a Crime

Effective July 1, under a change in state law, Kansas drivers can no longer be charged with a crime for refusing a sobriety test. The Wichita Eagle published an article on July 2, 2019, about this change, and DUI Defense Attorney, B. Keith Edwards responded to the editor with the following: On the front page…

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A Year In Review: Joseph, Hollander & Craft 2018

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Not All DUI Convictions Count as Priors Under Kansas State DUI Statute

The Kansas statute prohibiting driving under the influence (“DUI”), K.S.A. 8-1567, categorizes the severity level of the crime based on how many prior DUI convictions the offender has. For example, DUI is a class B misdemeanor for someone who has no prior DUI convictions. But DUI is a felony for someone with three or more…

Kansas Criminal Record Expungement

HB 2085 Retroactively Amends Waiting Period for DUI Expungement

Kansas law permits expungement of certain convictions, adjudications, arrest records, and diversion agreements. Once an eligible offense is expunged, a person must be treated as if he has never been arrested for, convicted of, or diverted from the expunged crime. Though the expunged offense will still be considered when determining criminal history in any subsequent…