5/18/16 – Day 2 of trial in the case of State v. Provencio continued in Sumner County District Court yesterday, with the prosecution presenting its case. Defense attorney Jess Hoeme expects to begin presenting the defendant’s side of the story during court proceedings today. Watch this blog for updates on Mr. Hoeme’s arguments.

To see a Sumner County news report of Day 2 trial testimony, click here.

5/17/16 – Attorney Jess Hoeme began opening arguments this week in Sumner County District Court, defending Sylvester Provencio of Caldwell on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges, including aggravated battery. We all know there are two sides to every story, and in his opening argument, Mr. Hoeme brought home that point to the jury, urging them to keep their “ears and mind open when listening to testimony . . . because the prosecution will only tell you part of the story. But there is always a rest of the story.”

Throughout the week, you can stay updated on the case through this blog. We are posting Sumner County news reports here so you can watch Mr. Hoeme in action as he walks the jury through the 911 call and other key evidence that explains the rest of the story. More from Sumner News Cow.