Adoption in Kansas
Adoption is a process where a new parent or parents are legally substituted for a former parent or set of parents. An adoptive parent takes on the same rights and responsibilities as the biological parent. In Kansas, adults can also be adopted. Call one of our family law attorneys in Wichita, Kansas City, Lawrence or Topeka Ks during normal business hours (M-F 8:30am to 5:00pm) and speak with a highly rated Kansas adoption lawyer immediately.

Types of Adoption
The most common type of adoption is a step-parent adoption. This is when a spouse wants to adopt a partner’s children from a prior marriage or relationship. The other usual kind of adoption is adoption of a child by a single person or a couple who may or may not be related to the child. The process is slightly different in either case. It is important to use an attorney to make sure all the right legal forms are filed and the correct notices are sent out.

International Adoption
If you have had an international adoption through an agency, you will still want to do what is called a re-adoption. After you bring your child home, re-adoption is the process that allows you to receive a new birth certificate.