The raid in August lead to 16 arrests and the county’s permanently closure of the strip club’s doors.

Jezebel’s was closed after its license was revoked, according to the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office.

The adult club is located at 47th Street South and Oliver in Wichita. The case involves at least 29 people, 24 of whom were employees.

In the latest developments in the investigation, five of the 16 cases have been dropped. In addition. some are questioning why it took 18 months and $25,000 in tax payer money to shut the strip club down.

“The bigger problem is the manner in which this investigation proceeded,” said Jess Hoeme, a defense attorney with Joseph Hollander & Craft.

Hoeme says he believes those costs weren’t to pay the salaries of the undercover deputies.

“The investigation that we’ve done indicates that the narcotics officers in there spent a small fortune on lap dances and bottle service and VIP visits,” Hoeme said.

We reached out to the sheriff’s department and they told us they can’t talk about a case that is currently with the district attorney’s office.

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  • Eric Write

    Come on now you know damn well they did not need 25k in cash for equipment and clothes. This will be just another case of misappropriated funds by law enforcement. The undercover drug agents where buying lap dances and sitting in the VIP section of the strip club. Why would they need to do that? Seems to me some agents where just having a good time on local taxpayers money. Everyone knows that the aircraft industry has been trying to get that place shut down for years for the land. I bet this will turn out to be more politics than anything. The entire thing stinks of corruption.