A week ago accusations were made public against South Haven’s Police Chief Jason Boyd. Boyd is accused of theft, misuse of public funds and interfering with law enforcement, all felonies.

Now his Wichita attorney, Jess Hoeme, speaking to KAKE news acknowledges the charges are very serious but says, “Once we have the opportunity to show how these funds were transmitted and they were used, I think it’ll result very favorably for Mr. Boyd.”

Hoeme says the charges stem from a donation of $2,650 made for purchasing police equipment for South Haven’s police department.

Hoeme goes on to say: “There was a charitable contribution to the law enforcement. South Haven, being such a small town, those funds, if they were deposited into the general fund couldn’t have been assured for use by law enforcement. And so the donor was worried that it might be used for salt on the sidewalk or some other use that he had no intention for.”

Full Post Available @ KAKE

UPDATE – Case Dismissed