Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, front line healthcare professionals in Kansas will not be hindered from providing critical services due to their licenses lapsing or other obstacles to renewing their licenses.

To help combat the spread of the coronavirus, many state agency employees responsible for handling license renewals are under stay at home orders, or doing their best to work remotely. This situation presents challenges and obstacles to processing renewal applications. Likewise, social distancing may present serious challenges for the license holder to complete tasks required for renewal of their license, including completion of continuing education requirements. To alleviate this situation, Governor Laura Kelly has issued Executive Order 20-19, which allows license holders to operate status quo until the State of Disaster Emergency ends. Thereafter, license holders will have 90 days to renew. The Order similarly extends the deadline for completion of any required continuing education for renewal.

If you are a license holder with a renewal deadline on the horizon, look for additional information from your state regulatory body. Note, this Order does not govern or apply to attorneys.