In January, the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services  completed its notification process to all organizations who applied for a medical marijuana license.  Unfortunately more than 2,000 applications were received for just over 300 licenses scheduled to be issued.  Those whose applications were denied are questioning the grading process and have engaged legal counsel to explore an appeal and determine whether or not a license can still be obtained.  Attorney Chris McHugh has filed several administrative appeals with the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission on behalf of clients looking for answers.  In an interview with the Kansas City Business Journal, McHugh said. “The appeals process is about whether the petitioner should have been granted a license. The constitution didn’t set any maximum number for licenses, only minimums, and specifically granted the Department of Health the ability to create additional licenses to settle litigation. So it’s in the rules and allowed.”  See the full story here:   https://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2020/01/31/medical-marijuana-business-license-challenges.html