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If your livelihood, license, and reputation are at stake, you need a professional licensure defense attorney who has the experience and acumen necessary to address licensing issues before Kansas regulatory boards and agencies. Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Overland Park professional licensure defense lawyers handle these issues day in and day out. We are highly familiar with Kansas licensing laws and administrative procedures. We also understand that administrative and disciplinary actions can have potentially life-altering consequences—both professionally and personally. We protect and defend our professional clients’ licenses and careers.

Our Overland Park Professional Licensure Defense Lawyers Are On Your Side When Your License Is At Stake

JHC’s Overland Park professional licensure defense lawyers represent:

We help these and other professionals with all manner of licensing issues. Whether your matter involves deviations from the standard of care, business operations concerns, boundary issues, substance abuse or other impairments, ethical violations, or misconduct, we stand ready to assist.

Our Overland Park Professional Licensure Defense Lawyers Assist with Applications, Investigations, Formal Actions, and Judicial Appeals

JHC’s Overland Park professional licensure defense attorneys help individuals and entities obtain and keep professional licenses. We assist with applications, manage investigations, negotiate settlement agreements, defend against allegations in formal proceedings, and appeal adverse results in disciplinary and administrative proceedings.

We help professionals apply for licenses and appeal license denials. When deciding whether to grant a professional license, regulators often take into account more than just academic requirements. Failure to disclose information on an initial application or renewal form can result in your license being denied or discipline against your license. JHC’s Overland Park professional licensure defense lawyers can help you to understand and comply with the regulatory board’s reporting requirements so you can successfully complete your application. If an application for professional licensure has been denied, our Overland Park professional licensing lawyers can help you appeal or advise you regarding what other options may be available.

We defend professionals during administrative and disciplinary investigations. JHC’s Overland Park licensure defense attorneys are available to assist you if your professional licensing authority is conducting an investigation. Our license defense lawyers are familiar with the investigative process, so they can guide you through it with ease. We will advise you regarding when and how to cooperate and do everything in our power to ensure that the investigation is fair. Sometimes, the counsel of an experienced professional licensure defense attorney can be the difference between dismissing the allegations as unsubstantiated or launching formal disciplinary actions.

We understand the importance of realizing early resolution. JHC’s Overland Park professional licensure defense attorneys know that efficiency and cost management can be as important as finding successful resolutions to your administrative and disciplinary action. We will help you explore reasonable settlement options that bring your matter to an end quickly, fairly, with a guaranteed result. Our Overland Park professional licensing lawyers recognize the consequences that professional discipline can have down the road, and we keep these consequences in mind whenever we negotiate an agreed resolution. We will answer your questions thoroughly and counsel you regarding the possible costs and benefits of each option you face.

In the face of a disciplinary proceeding, let us be your advocates. If a regulatory body believes there is sufficient evidence to initiate disciplinary action, you will face a process similar to court proceedings. The regulatory body will submit evidence (documents, witness testimony, etc.) to a hearing officer or hearing panel that will decide whether to discipline you. Discipline may be imposed for misconduct, non-compliance, or deviations from the standard of care. The board or agency may require that you participate in remedial training, censure you privately or publicly, or suspend or revoke your license. Our Overland Park professional licensure advocates have a track record of success in helping professionals navigate disciplinary proceedings. We will challenge the regulatory body’s evidence and present your case with persuasive arguments based on sound legal theory.

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We can help you appeal an adverse ruling. An agency’s ruling against a licensed professional can be reviewed by a court. Our Overland Park professional license defense lawyers will determine whether the suspension or revocation of your license can be stayed (deferred) during the judicial review process. Then, we will defend your professional license before the court.

If your license application has been denied, a complaint has been filed against your license, you have been referred to an impaired provider program, or formal disciplinary action has been commenced against your license, our Overland Park professional licensure lawyers stand ready to help.

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Our Overland Park Professional Licensure Defense Lawyers Even Handle Liquor Licenses

JHC’s Overland Park licensure lawyers also help business owners with issues related to liquor licensing. The Kansas Department of Revenue’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (ABC) issues permits and licenses for the production, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages. Local governments also regulate liquor sales. An ABC license is essential to any business that sells liquor, wine, or beer, making compliance with state and local laws and regulations necessary to the survival of the business.

If you are opening a new establishment or modifying, transferring, or renewing an existing liquor license, JHC’s Overland Park licensure lawyers can assist—at the state or local level. We help clients understand the pros and cons associated with the various licenses and permits that are available. We make the challenging process of satisfying dual-level regulation less painful.

JHC’s Overland Park licensing attorneys also help businesses and individuals involved in administrative proceedings before Kansas ABC. Our Overland Park defense team will vigorously challenge any unfounded claims through investigations, hearings, and trials as well as appeals. We will advocate for a fair application of all laws and regulations and prevent unjustified interference with or limitations on your license.


Am I required to report pending criminal charges to the Kansas Real Estate Commission?

Many agencies will inquire on renewal applications about arrests, charges, or convictions occurring since the prior renewal, but some require reporting mid-renewal cycle. It is important to understand what your duty to report is and when it is required to avoid discipline for failure to make a mandatory report.

The Kansas Real Estate Commission has one of the most stringent reporting requirements, requiring licensees to report within 10 days of an arrest, charges or indictment, and convictions.

JHC’s professional licensure attorneys represent and defend Kansas realtors facing disciplinary matters. If you need help with your case, call JHC today.

I forgot to timely renew my firm and CPA permit, what could happen?

The Kansas Board of Accountancy will investigate situations where a licensee has failed to timely renew and still practiced without a license, which may be deemed to include merely maintaining a website, internet, or social media presence referencing your credentials. Practicing without the requisite renewal of your firm registration and permit is grounds for disciplinary action. Disciplinary action by a licensing board can have collateral consequences for your membership in AICPA. If the Board of Accountancy is considering disciplinary action against you or your accounting firm, contact the professional licensure attorneys at JHC.

Do I need to report disciplinary action in my home state to Kansas where I hold a non-resident insurance broker / agent / producer license?

Many states require that third-party compliance companies will upload discipline from one state to the National Insurance Producer Registry warehouse for access by all other states. Kansas specifically requires a direct report to the Kansas Insurance Department, to prompt review of the information that is uploaded to the NIPR warehouse. Reporting to the NIPR warehouse alone will put you at risk of adverse action for failing to report in compliance with the state laws.

JHC’s professional licensure attorneys assist insurance brokers and agents with compliance and disciplinary issues. For assistance with your matter, call today.

I am a professional engineer in Kansas, and a client has complained about the quality of my work. How do I respond?

When a professional’s work is called into question, the specific industry and practice standards must be considered. Sometimes, it is easy for an agency like the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions to identify compliance with these industry standards so it can dismiss a complaint after a response is received. Other times, the agency may take the position that the industry standards and practices have not been adhered to. In those situations, it is important for the professional to consider whether an expert could assist with the defense. It is not uncommon for these issues to boil down to a battle of the experts.
At JHC, we represent professional engineers in all matters related to potential discipline before the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions. For assistance with your case, call our professional licensure defense attorneys today.

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