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Are you being investigated for a federal crime in Overland Park, Kansas? Or have you already been charged for a federal crime? In either case, make the federal criminal defense law firm of Joseph, Hollander & Craft your line of defense. JHC’s Overland Park federal criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience — and a track record of success — defending individuals in the District of Kansas against all types of federal criminal charges.

Types of Federal Charges Our Overland Park Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend Against

JHC’s Overland Park federal criminal defense attorneys handle cases involving all kinds of federal crimes, including:

Simply put, there’s no federal crime charge we cannot or will not contest on your behalf. JHC’s Overland Park federal criminal defense lawyers are best in class. That’s why our services are highly sought after—and why you should trust JHC’s federal criminal defense attorneys with your case.

Pre-Charge Representation from Our Overland Park Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are the target of federal criminal investigation, hire a defense team early—before charges are filed, if possible. Particularly in federal white-collar criminal investigations, agents will collect evidence for a long time before they attempt an arrest. These investigative efforts may include:

Another telltale sign of a criminal investigation is a sudden freeze, stop, or closure of a financial account. If you notice these signs of a federal investigation, be on alert.

You may receive a target letter or a subpoena to appear before a grand jury. Target letters come from federal agents or prosecutors, and their purpose is to inform the recipient that he or she is a suspect in a federal criminal investigation. The letter should identify the crime you are alleged to have committed, but it may not be very clear. Grand jury subpoenas can be issued to people who may be indicted or who may have information about a person or business believed to have participated in a crime. Because target letters and grand jury subpoenas generally issue when charges are imminent, it is important to contact an experienced federal criminal defense attorney right away.

Finally, federal agents may execute a search warrant at your home or your business but not arrest you on site. That does not mean you will not be arrested or charged. Particularly if law enforcement officers seize computers, tablets, phones, and other electronic devices, they simply may want or need to review that evidence before filing criminal charges. Contact JHC’s experienced federal defense lawyers in Overland Park and begin preparing your defense.

Contact Our Overland Park Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers for Help

Our Overland Park federal crime attorneys represent clients at the pre-charge stage and act as their representatives when law enforcement officers come calling. We protect our clients’ constitutional rights and, when possible, negotiate deals to prevent charges from being filed or to limit the scope of the charges ultimately brought.

Charges Already Pending? We Handle That, Too.

If federal criminal charges are pending against you, we can handle that too. Our Overland Park federal criminal defense attorneys have successfully defended federal cases in all three federal courthouses in the District of Kansas, and we know how to navigate the full range of complex federal criminal procedures. From your detention hearing all the way through trial, we will aggressively advocate for your rights.

JHC’s Overland Park federal criminal defense lawyers have the proven expertise to defend even the largest cases—including complex conspiracies involving terabytes of discovery. And, because JHC has multiple attorneys who focus on federal criminal defense work, we have the manpower to hit the ground running on your behalf.

We will scour the prosecution’s evidence and collect our own to determine what defenses are in your best interest. We are well-versed on bases for seeking the suppression of evidence, know when a motion to dismiss may have teeth, and go full-bore when our clients have a triable case. In the event a plea agreement will provide the best possible outcome, we will negotiate in your best interests, advise you regarding available plea options, and present your best case for leniency at sentencing.

Intricacies of Federal Sentencing

The United States Sentencing Guidelines work in the background of every federal criminal case. Since they dictate what will happen in the event of a conviction, understanding how they work is critical to deciding whether to plead or try your case as well as evaluating when a plea offer is good enough to accept. Because the federal Sentencing Guidelines differ significantly from most state sentencing schemes, you need a federal criminal defense lawyer who knows the federal sentencing guidelines inside and out. We do.

Our Overland Park federal criminal attorneys will ensure that you understand your options thoroughly. We’ll clarify how “relevant conduct” could impact your sentence and whether a sentence below the statutory mandatory minimum might be achieved. Our federal criminal defense litigators have successfully obtained variances and departures for numerous federal criminal defendants. When you trust us with your federal criminal case, be assured that it rests in steady, capable hands.

Hire the Best Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer for the Job

We know that hiring the best federal criminal defense attorney for your case is of paramount importance. Your choice of attorney may prove critical to avoiding or mitigating incarceration, fines, and other consequences of conviction. JHC’s federal criminal defense attorneys have defended clients in the federal courthouses in Wichita, Topeka, and Kansas City for years. We have excellent working relationships with federal prosecutors and regularly appear before the judges in the District of Kansas. Our clients benefit not only from our legal acumen, but also from the respect we have earned with our colleagues.

If you’re looking for a top-tier federal criminal defense firm, call JHC today.


What is relevant conduct?

Under the United States Sentencing Guidelines, a defendant’s recommended sentence will be determined by the conduct directly underlying his offense as well as “relevant conduct”—criminal activity not directly accounted for by a criminal conviction but connected or related to the crime of conviction. It may include conduct that served as the basis for charges that were filed but dismissed or even conduct that was never charged. In a case involving jointly undertaken activity, it can also include the conduct of others. This conduct may affect a defendant’s sentence even though it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. It is extremely important that your federal criminal defense attorney understands the law pertaining to relevant conduct and how it will affect your guideline sentence.

What is a presentence investigation report?

The presentence investigation report (PSR) is a document prepared by the United States Probation Office that sets out the facts of the case, the client’s personal and medical background, and criminal history; identifies the applicable provisions from the United States Sentencing Guidelines; and informs the court of the recommended sentence. Federal judges use these reports to guide them in deciding what sentence to impose.

A defendant can object to any fact or recommendation that is unsupported, and the judge will resolve those objections at the sentencing hearing. The resolution of those objections can have a significant impact on the ultimate sentence imposed.


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