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If you have been bitten or attacked by someone’s dog and it was not your fault, you are entitled to be appropriately compensated for your damages. But, when you are recovering from a dog bite injury, the last thing you want to have to think about or deal with is a legal claim. Let Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s Overland Park dog bite lawyers help you with your dog bite injury claim so you can focus on feeling better. We will handle the investigation of the dog’s history, interview eyewitnesses to the attack, work with experts to determine the true and fair value of your damages and injuries, and deal with insurance companies that may try to compromise the value of your claim. Contact JHC’s Overland Park dog bite attorneys today for your free initial consultation.

Establishing Owner Liability for Dog Bite Injuries

Kansas follows the “one bite” rule, which means that a dog owner can only be considered legally responsible for a bite on his own premises if the owner knew the dog was dangerous and likely to attack people (such as when the dog has bitten before). Proving that a dog had the tendency to be violent and attack requires in-depth investigation of the dog’s history to determine if the dog’s owner had knowledge that there was a history of viciousness.

JHC’s Overland Park dog bite lawyers know how to manage an investigation to support your claim. Many jurisdictions have laws that require all dog bites to be reported, which means that there may be records showing that the dog attacked other victims in the past. This can be crucial evidence to support a dog bite claim. If it is possible to prove that the dog acted in a threatening manner to others or used aggressive behavior such as charging at people or snapping at people without being provoked, then it will be much easier to support liability.

Types of Dog Bite Injuries

While many dog bites do not require medical treatment, severe injuries can be caused by a serious and vicious dog attack. These significant injuries can be devastating and result in long-term pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally. Some common types of injuries that can be sustained from a severe dog attack include:

JHC’s Overland Park dog bite attorneys can help you pursue compensation for each and every injury that results from a dog attack. We can also help you make a claim for lost wages and other losses related to your dog bite injury.

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What are the different grades of dog bite injuries?

Dogs bite injuries can be classified by the severity of the damage. There are six basic injury categories:

If you have suffered injury as a result of a dog bite incident, contact JHC’s dog bite attorneys today.

Does insurance cover dog bite injuries?

Some homeowner’s and rental insurance policies cover dog bites sustained on the insured premises.

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