The National Transportation Safety Administration is recommending the reduction of the presumptive alcohol breath sample from .08 to .05. The reduction to .05 will create a new wave of DUI arrests because even the average social drinker will be presumed to be driving under the influence if he/she has as little as one alcoholic drink prior to driving. There is no doubt excessive amounts of alcohol can impair a driver but the proposed reduction to .05 is a pendulum from which the interlock agencies, probation companies, and the court’s diversion programs stand to profit. Aside from the significant expense of defending against a DUI charge, if convicted, the penalty can be severe—fines, court costs and penalties can be extremely expensive and the punishment includes not less than one year in jail.

If you are charged with a DUI then you deserve the best DUI defense team possible.

Jess Hoeme was recently interviewed by KSN on the subject: