As companies await the issuance of more than 300 licenses for cultivation, manufacturing and dispensaries in Missouri, KMBC 9’s William Joy spoke with Chris McHugh about looming questions on the application process and next steps.

McHugh, who represents clients in the industry and completed several applications, noted, “They are the most rigorous thing I’ve ever seen.”  He added, “The $5,000 or $10,000 you had to pay the state just for your application fee, that was nothing. These guys are spending lots and lots of money on the chance that they’re going to get a license.”

While the deadline is December 31, Lyndall Fraker who is in charge of the state’s medical marijuana regulations, told Channel 9 he wasn’t certain the state would meet that deadline. But additional guidance is expected in the first week of December.  With the large number of applications and small number of licenses, the state anticipates litigation from applicants denied.

Medical marijuana sales could begin as early as the spring, but realistically will start in the fall.

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