Barber County Sheriff Justin Rugg is currently under investigation and Jess Hoeme has been named the special prosecutor.

The Barber County Attorney contacted Joseph Hollander & Craft attorney Jess Hoeme asking if he would accept an appointment as a special prosecutor for allegations involving the sheriff. Mr. Hoeme agreed to accept the appointment. The County Attorney then asked the district court for an order appointing Mr. Hoeme as special prosecutor thereby authorizing him to serve as the county attorney with all authority of the county attorney/State of Kansas for any investigation and charges relating to the Sheriff and this incident.

Once appointed, the County Attorney is completely removed from the matter and all prosecutorial decisions are the responsibility of Mr. Home. Jess then began working with the KBI to investigate the matter.

Mr. Hoeme’s anticipates the KBI to present the matter this week for a determination if:
1. Charges which need to be filed as criminal offenses in Barber County
2. No charges need to be filed at this time due to insufficiency of evidence.
3. Jess can return the matter to the KBI for additional investigation.