Fighting to keep your driver’s license
A driver who has been arrested for DUI is often as concerned about losing his driver’s license as he is about criminal DUI charges. We understand. For most of us, living without a car is not realistic. The DUI Defense Team attorneys will fight to help you keep your license.

If police took your license and handed you a pink sheet (a DC-27 form) that notifies you of an administrative suspension of your license, you must act quickly to prevent an extended suspension.

Within 14 calendar days, you must request an administrative hearing to challenge the suspension of your license. You should meet with one of our DUI lawyers right away. We can make the hearing request for you. We know what to include in the request to maximize your chance of prevailing at a hearing.

You and your attorney can prevent a license suspension. To do it, you need an experienced DUI attorney who knows how to win at a local license suspension hearing. Our DUI attorneys will consider whether police correctly completed the notice, used the current form, and effected proper service of the notice. We evaluate whether police had reasonable grounds to demand a blood alcohol test. If not, a suspension is not warranted. Our attorneys then subpoena all certifying officers to testify at the hearing. If the issue is a test refusal, we also consider whether there is a medical condition that would prohibit you from taking the test and whether you changed your mind and requested a test within a reasonable period of time. These are just some of the considerations that our DUI lawyers make when evaluating how to defend a license suspension. Experience and knowledge is critical for success.