Joseph, Hollander & Craft LLC and the firm’s Legal Ethics and Malpractice group are pleased to dedicate this page to their friends and colleagues in the bar.

Here, attorneys and judges can access the Legal Ethics & Malpractice Reporter, a monthly publication covering current developments in ethics and malpractice law. This free, electronic reporter was envisioned by Editor Mike Hoeflich. After nearly forty years of teaching legal ethics, Professor Hoeflich came to believe that most lawyers find it difficult to keep current with developments in legal ethics and malpractice law—both in their own jurisdictions and nationwide. He set out to make it easier.

Professor Hoeflich joined forces with Publisher Joseph, Hollander & Craft LLC to bring his vision to fruition. The firm’s Legal Ethics and Malpractice group—including Diane Bellquist, Christopher Joseph, Christopher McHugh, and Carrie Parker—shares Professor Hoeflich’s vision of helping attorneys better understand the evolving landscape of legal ethics, professional responsibility, and malpractice. We are all thrilled to partner with Professor Hoeflich in producing practical educational materials for the legal community in Kansas, Missouri, and beyond.

This site will serve as the repository for the monthly issues of the Legal Ethics & Malpractice Reporter as well as blog posts providing pertinent and pragmatic ethics and malpractice information for lawyers.

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