Our clients frequently ask what consequences a prior out-of-state conviction will have for a DUI case in Kansas. Whether you were visiting Kansas from another state or recently moved to Kansas, your prior DUI record will follow you and could have consequences on your Kansas case. Kansas enhances penalties for second and subsequent DUI convictions….

By Diane L. Bellquist, J.D. When you hear the term “impaired provider,” you may think of the doctor who practices under the influence or who has hit rock bottom to the point he or she can no longer function to hold the practice together.You may be surprised by what the impaired provider label encompasses. Case…

In 2006, Kansas enacted legislation requiring the use of ignition interlock devices by some DUI offenders. The device is a breathalyzer installed in the ignition part of a motor vehicle. The driver must provide a breath sample for the device before the vehicle will start. Any detection of alcohol will prevent the vehicle from starting….

The legalization of marijuana by some states has started a national debate about driving under the influence of marijuana. Kansas doesn’t have a separate law regarding driving under the influence of marijuana, as opposed to driving under the influence of alcohol. The current DUI law prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or…

The Lawrence Police Department is holding a sobriety checkpoint this weekend. Sobriety checkpoints are constitutional as long as certain guidelines are followed. One requirement is that the organization conducting the checkpoint provides notice of its plan. According to LJWorld.com, the LPD will conduct the checkpoint between 11 p.m. on October 14, 2016, and 3 a.m….

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