A group of student athletes at Kansas State University threatened to not play or participate in fundraising events until the university expelled a student who tweeted a comment about George Floyd that many found to be offensive and racist. KAKE in Wichita interviewed Joseph, Hollander & Craft LLC attorney, Jess W. Hoeme, regarding the disciplinary authority of the state school under these circumstances.


Hoeme said, “This is the kind of speech that, even though it’s deplorable and we disagree with it, nonetheless, it gets the same (First Amendment) protections as the speech that we do agree with.”  He added, “Sunlight is going to be the disinfectant. So, what Kansans need to know is that, yes, you can say anything that you want and it may be protected. But there will be collateral effects for this kind of speech.”

See full story here: https://www.kake.com/story/42301080/can-kstate-expel-student-over-controversial-tweet