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In and out of court, Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s top-rated attorneys deliver the top-quality, strategic legal counsel you have been looking for. We are by your side when the outcome is personal and the result is life-changing. And, with offices in Kansas City, Overland Park, Lawrence, Topeka, and Wichita, we are everywhere you need us to be.

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Excellence When You Need It

At JHC, excellence is not a fluke. It is a habit. Our clients trust us with the most important aspects of their lives—their freedom, their families, their careers. It is an honor we do not take lightly. So we make a habit of earning that trust by delivering the highest quality representation to each and every client.

We are

Ready for Anything

Joseph, Hollander & Craft operates according to the maxim, in omnia paratus, meaning “ready for anything.” That is our motto. Instilled in the firm by its founders and carried through decades in action, the attorneys at JHC are disciplined workers, lifelong learners, and always preparing for what is ahead. When you need us, we are Ready for Anything.

How We Help Clients

Joseph, Hollander & Craft is a premier Heartland law firm serving the criminal, civil, and family law needs of clients across Kansas and Missouri. When you want the attorney standing beside you to be skilled, prepared, and effective, you can rely on JHC to get the job done. We defend individuals facing life-changing criminal prosecutions. We protect children and property in divorce cases. We pursue personal injury relief for victims of auto collisions, fires, and other tragic accidents. We help doctors, nurses, judges, attorneys, accountants, real estate agents, and other professionals protect their licenses and continue their hard-earned practices. And we offer unmatched health care and hospital law counsel and advocacy. From our offices in Kansas City, MO; Overland Park, KS; Lawrence, KS; Topeka, KS; and Wichita, KS, JHC has you covered.

Where We Have Come From | Where We Are Going

Joseph, Hollander & Craft was founded by Stephen Joseph and Ross Hollander in 2001. The brothers-in-law sought to provide the Wichita community superior representation in civil and criminal litigation. Soon after, the family business expanded to Topeka, and Christopher Joseph (Steve’s son and Ross’s nephew) took the helm as leader of the firm’s northern office.

As the firm’s reputation for excellence grew, so did our practice areas and physical footprint.

During the first decade of the firm’s operations, we slowly added family law to our repertoire and opened a Lawrence location. Then, in 2011, Julia Craft brought her distinguished family law practice to our Wichita branch and joined the firm’s leadership team. To reflect the new partnership, the firm previously known as Joseph & Hollander, PA, was renamed Joseph, Hollander & Craft LLC.

With a track record of successfully advising and representing our clients, JHC continued to attract and recruit top-tier attorneys and broaden the reach of our services to additional locations. We opened our Overland Park office in 2016 and our Kansas City office in 2018.

Today, JHC operates out of five offices that span two states. But the core of our origins abides: quality legal representation you can count on. Across Kansas and Missouri, we provide clients from all walks of life with top-rated criminal, civil, and family law advice, advocacy, and defense at the local, state, and federal levels.

Ever mindful of the future, we remain committed to progress and innovation—in our firm specifically and in the law generally. We embrace technology, support flexibility, and promote continuous learning and professional development.

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Our Values


We are committed to quality in everything we do. Our work is thoroughly researched, well-reasoned, and presented clearly and effectively.


We are honest, ethical, and respectful in our interactions with clients, opposing counsel, and the court. We stand by our words and expect to be held accountable for our actions.


In all things, we seek forward momentum. We advance our clients’ interests, we value our own professional development, and we seek to be forces of positive change in the legal community.

Our Team Mentality

At JHC, we leverage the power of teamwork for the benefit of our clients.

JHC has a team of more than 20 attorneys serving clients across the state of Kansas and into Missouri. Each attorney has individual talents, unique experience, and distinct connections, which they share across practice areas, office locations, and cases. We know that, together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. So we work together to achieve greatness on behalf of our clients.

JHC’s top-notch lawyers are supported by extraordinary staff who are dedicated to making each client’s experience the best it can be. Our legal support professionals and administrative staff facilitate the seamless coordination of multiple offices, allowing the firm to provide legal services across a wide geographic span. Because everyone at JHC knows the clients come first, we all band together to prioritize quality work product and personal service.

The entire firm approaches legal representation as a collaborative process. We don’t just work for our clients, we work with them. We value your input. We want you to feel confident and in control of your case. We find answers, develop strategies, and provide information and advice. But you set your case objectives and you call the shots on the big issues because we recognize the consequences of your case ultimately rest with you. We are your partners—committed to helping you get where you need to go.

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Meet Our Attorneys

Christopher (Chris) Joseph represents individuals and businesses during the investigation and prosecution of criminal charges in federal and state courts and in complex civil litigation. Chris leads the firm’s criminal defense, asset forfeiture, and judicial discipline practice groups. As JHC’s Managing Member, Chris embodies the firm’s motto: Ready for Anything.

Meet This Attorney
Chris Joseph Christopher M. Joseph

Meet Our Attorneys

Julia Craft is a family law attorney in Wichita, KS, whose practice includes divorce, child custody, child support, parenting time, spousal maintenance, premarital agreements, separation agreements, guardianships, and child in need of care proceedings. She also prepares wills and powers of attorney.

Meet This Attorney
Julia Craft Julia A. Craft

Meet Our Attorneys

Kristine Lawless is a family law attorney located in Topeka, KS. Her practice includes divorce, property settlement agreements, premarital agreements, paternity actions, and maintenance, with a focus on child custody matters, parenting time, and child support. She has mediation training with an emphasis on domestic mediation and conciliation, and she is certified by the Kansas Supreme Court to perform mediation in domestic cases.

Meet This Attorney
Kristine Lawless M. Kristine Lawless

Meet Our Attorneys

Dionne Scherff is a criminal defense attorney located in Overland Park, KS, who defends adult and juvenile clients in courts throughout Kansas and Missouri who have been accused of crimes. Ms. Scherff has extensive experience litigating felony jury trials in both federal and state courts. She is one of only a handful of Kansas lawyers qualified by Kansas to handle death penalty cases, and is one of only two lawyers in Kansas’ history of death penalty cases to get a capital case dismissed. She represents individuals in all types of criminal matters.

Meet This Attorney
Dionne Scherff Dionne M. Scherff

Meet Our Attorneys

Mr. Hoeme’s practice is concentrated in criminal litigation across the State of Kansas, and he has represented clients in 85 of Kansas’ 105 counties. Mr. Hoeme has a distinguished practice in representing Kansas Law Enforcement Officers and Agencies in matters of professional affairs and investigations. He also represents individuals and organizations during the investigation and prosecution of criminal charges in municipal, state, and federal courts of Kansas. Mr. Hoeme has also represented persons accused in criminal cases ranging from domestic violence, DUI, murder, and white collar crimes. Mr. Hoeme’s breadth of experience includes serving as special prosecutor for county or district attorneys in prosecution of political figures or other conflicts of interest.

Meet This Attorney
Jess Hoeme Jess W. Hoeme

Meet Our Attorneys

With over 10 years’ experience working for regulatory agencies of the State of Kansas, Ms. Bellquist now utilizes her government experience to defend licensed individuals and entities before their respective regulatory boards. Her regulatory defense practice includes appealing application denials, responding in investigations of complaints, negotiating settlement agreements, defending against allegations in formal disciplinary proceedings, and petitioning for judicial review of agency actions.

Meet This Attorney
Diane L. Bellquist

Meet Our Attorneys

Ardith Smith-Woertz is a family law attorney located in Topeka, KS, whose practice focuses on family law cases involving divorce, child support, child custody and residency, parenting issues, and parentage. She also prepares wills. Ms. Smith-Woertz serves clients throughout the northeastern quadrant of the state. Ms. Smith-Woertz is a Certified Mediator through the Kansas Office of Judicial Administration and regularly acts as a mediator/conciliator for parties involved in domestic disputes.

Meet This Attorney
Ardith Smith-Woertz Ardith Smith-Woertz

Meet Our Attorneys

Carrie E. Parker is a criminal defense and civil litigation attorney located in Lawrence, KS. Ms. Parker represents individuals and businesses during the investigation and prosecution of criminal charges in federal and state courts. She also represents businesses and individuals in complex civil litigation and property holders seeking the return of assets seized for forfeiture. Devoting much of her practice to persuasive writing, Ms. Parker has ample experience with district court motion practice and appellate advocacy.

Meet This Attorney
Carrie Parker Carrie E. Parker

Meet Our Attorneys

Boyd McPherson is an attorney located in Wichita, KS, who practices family law and criminal defense. His family law practice includes divorce, child custody, child support, parenting time, spousal maintenance, premarital agreements, separation agreements, child in need of care, and juvenile offenders. His criminal law practice consists of defense of persons charged with crimes in state and municipal courts.

Meet This Attorney
Boyd McPherson Boyd R. McPherson

Meet Our Attorneys

Anne M. Kindling devotes her legal practice to health and hospital law, administrative and regulatory defense, and general civil litigation. Ms. Kindling counsels organizational and individual health care providers in connection with all aspects of health and hospital law, including regulatory compliance, business transactions, medical staff relations, peer review and risk management, professional licensure, and defense of medical malpractice claims throughout Kansas. Her civil litigation practice includes insurance defense, business disputes, and appellate advocacy. Ms. Kindling also prepares health care directives.

Meet This Attorney
Anne Kindling Anne M. Kindling

Meet Our Attorneys

Ms. Erickson’s diverse practice includes all levels of adult felonies and misdemeanors, including drug manufacturing, sale, and possession; sex offenses; aggravated battery; aggravated robbery; homicide; domestic violence; property crimes; all levels of juvenile crime; DUIs and other traffic offenses. She also represents individuals before administrative panels, including school board expulsion hearings and driver’s license suspension hearings.

Meet This Attorney
Lindsey Erickson Lindsey P. Erickson

Meet Our Attorneys

Mr. McHugh is a litigator with decades of experience defending individuals and businesses in civil and criminal litigation in Kansas and Missouri courts. In addition to his courtroom practice, Mr. McHugh counsels entities and individuals on law relating to cannabis, marijuana, and hemp projects; represents entities seeking medical marijuana licensure; and assists in all manner of related regulatory issues.

Meet This Attorney
Chris McHugh Christopher M. McHugh

Meet Our Attorneys

Dustin Curry is a criminal defense attorney located in Lawrence, KS, who represents criminal defendants in all state and federal courts in Kansas.

Meet This Attorney
Dustin Curry Dustin J. Curry

Meet Our Attorneys

Shawna Miller is a Topeka family law attorney who serves Kansas clients with matters involving divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and paternity. Shawna also prepares prenuptial agreements and handles child in need of care (CINC) matters.

Meet This Attorney
Shawna R. Miller

Meet Our Attorneys

Christine P. Rosengreen is a family law attorney located in Kansas City, MO. Ms. Rosengreen practices in all areas of family law, including but not limited to, divorce, paternity, modification, guardianship, Guardian ad Litem and adoption. A life-long advocate for children and families, she is a Certified Family Law Mediator for the State of Missouri.

Meet This Attorney
Christine Pina Rosengreen

Meet Our Attorneys

Casey Y. Meek is a criminal defense attorney with offices in Kansas City, MO and Topeka, KS. Mr. Meek is licensed in Kansas and Missouri and he practices in municipal, state and federal courts throughout the Topeka, Lawrence and Kansas City metropolitan areas. Mr. Meek represents individuals during the investigation and prosecution of felony and misdemeanor charges, including: drug & alcohol offenses; DUI & other traffic offenses; property crimes; person crimes; and probation violations. Mr. Meek also assists clients with expungements of criminal investigations and convictions.

Meet This Attorney
Casey Meek Casey Y. Meek

Meet Our Attorneys

Rachel Whitsitt is an Overland Park family lawyer whose practice focuses on matters of divorce, paternity, child support, child custody and residency, parenting issues, and spousal maintenance. Rachel serves clients throughout Kansas and Missouri, with the majority of her practice occurring in Johnson, Wyandotte, and Jackson counties. She is a certified collaborative law practitioner. Rachel is committed to treating her clients with respect, and resolving their cases as efficiently and fairly as possible.

Meet This Attorney
Rachel C. Whitsitt

Meet Our Attorneys

Mr. Goodwin is an experienced litigation attorney whose practice focuses on representing personal injury plaintiffs in the transportation, financial, utility, and manufacturing industries. He has represented clients in cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, professional liability, products liability, property damage, insurance coverage and business disputes. Mr. Goodwin has extensive experience in commercial motor vehicle accidents, having litigated trucking cases in more than 20 states.

Meet This Attorney
Drew Goodwin Andrew J. Goodwin

Meet Our Attorneys

Taryn Folston is a Wichita family law attorney whose family law practice currently includes matters of divorce, child custody, child support, parenting time, spousal maintenance, premarital agreements, separation agreements, guardianships, and child in need of care proceedings.

Meet This Attorney
Taryn A. Folston

Meet Our Attorneys

Wichita criminal defense attorney Keith Edwards represents individuals charged with criminal offenses throughout municipal and state courts in Kansas.

Meet This Attorney
B. Keith Edwards

Meet Our Attorneys

Ms. Wittman’s family law practice includes divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, paternity, and premarital agreements.

Meet This Attorney
Hannah Wittman Hannah R. Wittman

Meet Our Attorneys

Matthew (Matt) Johnston is a personal injury plaintiffs’ attorney located in Kansas City, Missouri. Matt focuses the majority of his practice on representing individuals who have suffered serious personal injuries or traumatic brain injuries caused by the negligence of others as well as family members who have lost loved ones due to others’ negligent behavior.

Meet This Attorney
Matt Johnston Matthew A. Johnston

Meet Our Attorneys

Rylee Broyles practices family law and civil law. She helps family law clients in and around Wichita navigate divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and paternity. Her civil practice, which extends to all Kansas state and federal courts, includes civil litigation defense, personal injury actions, regulatory and licensure defense, and health and hospital law.

Meet This Attorney
Rylee Broyles Rylee M. Broyles

Meet Our Attorneys

Desiree Smith is a family law attorney located in Wichita, KS, whose practice includes matters of divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, guardianships, and paternity.

Meet This Attorney
Desiree Smith Desiree K. Smith

Meet Our Attorneys

Rachel Highsmith is a family law attorney based in JHC’s Overland Park office. She counsels and advocates for clients in matters involving divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, guardianship, and grandparent rights.

Meet This Attorney
Rachel A. Highsmith
JHC Criminal Attorney Chris Joseph
JHC Family Attorney Julia Craft
JHC Family Attorney Kristine Lawless
JHC Criminal Attorney Dionne Scherff
JHC Criminal Attorney Jess Hoeme
headshot of dianne bellquist
JHC Family Attorney Ardith Smith-Woertz
JHC Criminal Attorney Carrie Parker
JHC Family Attorney Boyd McPherson
JHC Civil Attorney Anne Kindling
JHC Criminal Attorney Lindsey Erickson
JHC Criminal Attorney Chris McHugh
JHC Criminal Attorney Dustin Curry
JHC Criminal Attorney Casey Meek
JHC Personal Injury Attorney Drew Goodwin
JHC Family Attorney Hannah Wittman
JHC Personal Injury Attorney Matt Johnston
JHC Family Attorney Rylee Broyles
JHC Family Attorney Desiree Smith


We had several conversations while interviewing lawyers but none as professional as the one we had with Joseph, Hollander & Craft. If you are reading this, you are most likely trying to find someone who knows their stuff, so look no further. We were fortunate to have found this firm and can honestly say that they are very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and know their stuff. We were very pleased working with everyone at this law firm. I can guarantee it is worth a call if you need expert advice, help, and a solid lawyer! Thank you again for your expertise and helping us through a difficult situation.

Deborah Glasgow

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Joseph, Hollander & Craft’s legal ethics and malpractice group is pleased to offer resources on this subject to their friends and colleagues in the bar.

Currently, JHC offers two resources of significant value to the legal community in Kansas, Missouri, and across the US: our monthly Legal Ethics & Malpractice Reporter (LEMR) publication, and free, quarterly continuing legal education (CLE) seminars.

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January 31, 2023

Legal Ethics & Malpractice Reporter, Vol. 4, No. 1

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January 2023 LEMR NEW AUTHORITY Pronoun Redux This article is featured in Volume 4, Number 1 of the Legal Ethics and Malpractice Reporter. The discussion as to the use of personal pronouns to reflect gender identities is one that is ongoing in the United States. It has also become an issue for law firms and […]


January 2023 LEMR  FEATURE ARTICLE Do Lawyers Have a “Duty to Google”? This article is featured in Volume 4, Number 1 of the Legal Ethics and Malpractice Reporter. Over the past several years, we have discussed in this column several ethical challenges Google poses for lawyers. Google and its software and devices have become ubiquitous in our society. […]

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