Compliance issues are the number one reason cannabis businesses fail. The laws and regulations pertaining to hemp and marijuana are rapidly developing and changing constantly. One misstep could cost you your business—or more. To run a successful cannabis business, you need counselors and advisers who know, understand, and can help you implement all the legal changes in the marijuana and hemp industry as they happen.

Joseph Hollander and Craft’s cannabis lawyers are experienced criminal and civil litigation attorneys who have handled complex, high-stakes litigation against government agencies nationwide. They know the law and regulations on marijuana and hemp. They can help you maintain compliance. And they can help you deal with compliance problems – license denials, suspensions and revocations, shut-down orders, product and packaging rejections and recalls, criminal arrests and indictments, tax claims and audits, local government and zoning – when they do arise.

Don’t trust your business or freedom to anyone else.